Grab Your 1 Million Chips For Free: WSOP 2022

wsop free chips

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WSOP Free Chips

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World Series of Poker Game

The World Series of Poker is a very big & popular poker tournament in the world. You can play it from your smartphone or pc. You can also play with international players.

The game has over 10 million-plus downloaders on the Google play store. It has eight hundred thousand reviews, also a huge 4.5-star rating. Here you can get the latest world series of poker free chips.

There are some rules in the online version and the app provided by the WSOP developer team. It gives you a facility to play with all players around, Which makes it very interesting.

Some interesting features increase your joy while playing WSOP. Every four hours, you’ll receive free chips, sure that the excitement never ends. If you running out of chips, you can use our website’s world series of poker chip codes to continue playing.

If you’re in a squad and everyone in your group has WSOP installed on their phone. Then you can make your own private room in which to play this game. You may also share this website with a friend to offer them wsop free chips.

The WSOP game also provides information about your gaming habits. You can look at your gaming analytics, which will provide you with a detailed report on your statistics. This knowledge will undoubtedly assist you in defeating your opponents at the game table.

You can also connect this game with your Facebook account. After successfully connecting your account, You can also invite your friends to the WSOP game.

There is two units in this game Texas Hold’em & Omaha. Both are available on the gaming app of WSOP. They both are very famous across the world.

You may participate in special events and competitions using the Facebook poker app and the Android poker app. To join in the contest, you normally have to pay for a few chips. I think that is not a big problem because you can get a free wsop chip from here.

How to get wsop 1 billion free chips?

The quickest way to get 1,000,000 free WSOP chips is to register with the link that given on our page.

When you connect this game with your Facebook account you’ll be rewarded with 1 billion wsop chips to play poker on the World Series of Poker app.

How to find WSOP promo codes on Facebook?

Here we described the steps of how to get wsop free chips & promocodes.

  1. First, You have a functional Facebook account.
  2. You need to be active on Facebook, Where some groups provide wsop free chips links & promocode.
  3. Here you can find the the WSOP Poker app official Facebook page.
  4. Because it is the game’s only official page, all of the WSOP promo codes are there. We grab from there so feel free to use it.

Note:- The bonuses given by Facebook groups are for a limited time period. It can be redeemable only one time.

Daily Rewards

On the WSOP app, the 1 million free chips bonus isn’t the only ‘regular’ bonus. Another simple approach to get free chips is to claim all of the available ‘Daily Rewards.’ That given by the game when you open it

There are no promocodes required to receive Daily Reward. All you have to do is open the game on a daily basis. The daily incentive begins with 10,000 free chips and keeps increasing.

Mega Bonus on WSOP

There is a Mega Bonus wheel on the WSOP game that gives you a big amount of rewards. There is a wheel that looks like a spinner, and all you have to do is spin it.

The Mega Bonus wheel price starts from 250,000 free chips that can go up to 4,000,000 WSOP free chips.

WSOP Clubs

The other way to get unlimited wsop free chips is the WSOP clubs. In order to get the club’s reward you just need to play poker.

As soon as you play, the stakes are higher. It will increase your chances of getting a big reward. You can get the chance to get high numbers of free chips.


Question: What are WSOP chips, exactly?

Answer: WSPOP chips are a virtual in-game currency utilized in the World Series of Poker’s official poker app.

Question: In the WSOP app, can you send chips to other players?

Answer: Yes, letting your Facebook buddies play in the WSOP poker game alongside you come with so many benefits.

Question: What is the best WSOP Poker promo code?

Answer: Use the promo code WSOOOP to instantly receive 300,000 WSOP free chips. Read on for more information on how to claim this incentive.

Wrapping Up

If I’m correct, you’ve got what you wanted. Wsop free chips and wsop promo codes are available here. Our GameHector staff has properly tested and confirmed them. So go ahead and use it.

If you have any questions, please contact us, or leave a comment below if you enjoyed our method of providing free chips.

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