How To Complete The Triada Relic Blessings Quest & Trio Treasure Hunt

how to complete triada relics treasure hunts

I’m sure you are a Far Cry 6 player, Who wants to complete the Triada Blessing quest to win the game. Stay with this article because it will guide you about how to find and overcome these 3 Relics.

Everyone wants to complete this quest because, before completing this quest, You can qualify for the final stage for Far Cry 6.

Before starting this Triada Relic Trio Treasure Hunt we have to know about Oluwa Cave. You make your way to the quest throughout the Oluwa Cave, So we have to find Oluwa Cave first.

The Triada relics trio of treasure hunts is very easy to find, You just have to apply some logic in it. But don’t worry because we covered every detail within this article.

First, Find Oluwa Cave

find oluwa cave

Throw every tension from your brain, Because first, find Oluwa Cave. Without Oluwa Cave we can’t find other Triada.

When we start Far Cry 6, We see the first island “Isla Santuario”. There is a cave called ‘eerie’, Everyone believes that it was haunted by spirits. We gathered the information from a guerilla at Carla’s camp.

Here I attached a map location throughout an image, You can find it with the help of it.

oluwa cave location

In order to start the Triada Blessing quest, Just enter this cave. When you go to the cave, You’ll find a scribbled note, read it perfectly.

Right after your map will add three Treasure Hunt points with a specific mark. Now begin this quest before the rest of Yara. There is also a condition, finish this quest before any giant mainland objectives.

Even you can’t defeat Yara, This will be very reliable and useful to you.

1. Ida’s Triada Relic

Ida’s Triada Relic location

Your task to bring three Triada Relics to the Oluwa cave is started now. We suggest you go for Ida’s Triada Relic first. Because it is easy to complete.

It is very easy because you just unlocked the rest of Yara. You can find it at La Triada Mural in Dos Monjas Mohote.

Climb up the cave rock with a grappling hook. When you reach the top, You must use the grapple hook to go down into the cave. There is a clear vision to get in a cave. It’s time to use ziplines.

Now use one zipline to reach other ziplines. By using this trick one to another you can reach the perfect location in the cave.

You have to work with your time when you jump, Instead of using your own calculation, you can use the highlighted arrows given by the game.

After getting in the region drenched, You’ll find a purple light. Pick it up and read the instruction for further information.

2. Oku’s Triada Relic

Oku’s Triada Relic

After successfully completing the first Relic, We have to complete the other that starts right after the first one so let’s start.

The Okus’s Triada Relic is placed in the Arroz Flatlands of Cruz del Salvador. Keep in mind that you can find Oku’s Triada Relic only at night. So make sure you visit it after an evening in Far Cry 6.

When you enter the fort, You will find an open room at your right. Where there are many mirrors in this room suddenly those are breaking one by one. Wait until the last one because it will not break by itself, You have to break it on your own.

You will find the button behind the broken mirror. You will find the door in right of you opened. Get into the room, You’ll find a table with three buttons and a light in front of you.

Press the buttons in a specific sequence, Here for us is center, left & right. This will play the piano on the above floor, rush there by stairs.

After reaching the piano, read the notes then Dani will play the notes. This step will open the door in front of you and behind the piano. Where you will find a key to the basement door.

Go back to the main floor of the fort. Use the key to enter in dungeon. Below the dungeon, you will find a prison cell where press the button on the wall. It will let you get to the outside of the cave.

The Relic is located deep side of the cave. But you have to complete a task first. Now go down down the hallway filled with the fake guns that will pursue you every time.

Go to the roof of the cave with a grapple hook. Where you find a well, go into this with zipline. Where you will find the Oku’s Triada Relic. There is another one Relic left let’s complete it.

3. Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic

Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic

The last Mimo Abosi’s Relic is located in the La Joya in El Este. There is a construction site of mine. Read a note at the entrance of the tunnel.

First, You’ve to plug out the wire from the generator to stay safe from the electricity. Break the lock by your gun. Get into the tunnel take the first left to get the key from a dead body smashed by a rock.

Go back to take right, Where swim in water that will lead you to a lift room. You find fans behind you, Use the key to open the entrance. Start the fans by pressing the red button.

Enter the elevator section to grapple down, Go down with the grapple hook. You’ll reach the open place, You can see the purple smoke. Get your relic and complete the Triada Blessing quest.

It’s necessary to return to the Oluwa Cave.

Back To The Oluwa Cave

After becoming a Relic master you have to back to the Oluwa cave in order to start fighting with the Guardian Spirit of the Oluwas.

You have to hand over the all Relic on the open ground to open a new area in the cave. Where you will be rewarded by Triador Supremo and La Varita Resolver Weapon.

So, It is all about how you can complete the Triada Blessing quest. If you facing any issues in completing it, Let us know throughout the comment. We will get back to you.

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