The Last One To Leave Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6

The Last One To Leave Treasure Hunt

Hey, game freaks! Today we will introduce you to the last one to leave treasure hunt in far cry 6. It is an interesting mission game to kill time. The game is all about hidden treasure hunting. For the same, you need to go through certain tasks. 

All of you might be aware of the same. However, a few of you are still curious to find out how to reach the treasure. Only a perfect roadmap can land you to the final goal of the game. 

In this article, we will reveal all guides? So keep your eyes stuck here. 

  • Region: Esperanza
  • Requirement: In the open world, locate the treasure hunt starting point. Also, read the note on the location. 
  • District: West Lado
  • Reward: 150 XP, Desert Eagle
  • Mission information: There is one family who is trying to escape Yara. 

The Last One To Leave Treasure Hunt Location

the last one to leave location

Now the concern is to find the perfect location of the last one to leave treasure hunt. You can see in the above map image, there is a purple diamond.

You can reach there by clicking on that diamond. Just go there and look for the scribbled note in the mailbox, when you find it just read that.

By reading that note your last one to leave the treasure hunt will start. Now, you have to find the treasure hunt reward below is the complete information to reach there.

How to complete the last one to leave far cry 6?

The substation door is closed. The player needs to flick a total of three switches to unlock it. The power lines of nearby sites can be seen from the roof. You need to jump from the roof and go to track the switches. You have to grab a note in Casa del Lodo Residences.

There will be a reference map that will help you in your mission. You need to start by the points south. You need to jump from the adjacent roof to reach the first one. This will be the first step in the mission. For the second line, you need to put some effort. 

The second line goes to the nearby house. Turn the valve of the big yellow tank. This will vanish all the toxic red smoke. Then you will find the switch in one of the black rooms. Mind sure, it will be a crucial task in the last one to leave far cry 6 treasure hunt

The next turn is for the third line. It goes to another house. Here you need to open the secret room, and for that, you should interact with three things. The first is a radio, TV and a picture frame. 

You will track the radio standing on a desk near the window. Later on, turn on the TV in the living room. The picture frame will also be present in that section.

You will get it right before the right side corner of the living room. Revolve the picture frame, and the furniture will move from its place. You will enter the hidden room by moving the furniture next to the picture. Enter into the room, and you will get the last switch.  

The location of this switch is in the North direction. Head back to the substation and grab the reward. This will be the finishing touch in the last one to leave mission far cry 6.

Wrapping Up

So this is how you can complete the far cry 6 the last one to leave. All you need to do is follow the procedure and take the right measures. Finally, you will reach your destination and reach the treasure. 

We hope we have shared all the required information with you. Still, if something is missing, share your words with us. 

Happy Gaming!

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