February 24, 2024

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Palworld Early Access means the game is more likely to have bugs than fully released titles. Here are four of the best Palworld glitches that we’ve found so far, including some that can actually benefit your own gameplay.

No More Spoiled Food

Keep your friends happy and healthy. PalworldIt can be a problem, especially when the food expires due to its timer running out. As shown by YouTuber Tuckie, there’s a way to stop this by resetting the food timer infinitely. Simply put your food into any kind of chest or food storage container like the Feed Box or Cooler, and click on “Sort.” This is really useful for keeping multiple Cakes on hand for breeding without them going to waste.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All… Yes, Even Tower Bosses

One of the best glitches for Palworld You can catch Tower bosses. You can have Tower bosses in your team. To do this you need to attract the attention of PIDF guards. This is done by causing trouble and increasing your Wanted level. The fastest way to achieve this is by attacking an NPC. Once the guards have you on their tail, quickly travel to a Tower. They will follow you inside.

Run around inside the Tower until PIDF Guards kill the boss. Once it has turned its back and is concentrating on them, throw a Pal Sphere. Any Sphere will work as it’s a guaranteed 100% catch, even if the catch rate appears as 0%. Once it’s caught, open the menu and tab over to Options, then click on Respawn. You’ll die, but you’ll be able to spawn back at your base, and you’ll have your newly-caught Tower boss in your Pal Box.

Here are some funny ones.

When Alpacas Fly

Reddit user JohnF_ckingZoidberg’s interaction with the Alpha Pal Kingpaca, a level 23 Alpha Pal was hilarious. After catching a Melpaca, the user threw a Pal Sphere to a second one. During the catching, Kingpaca tried to squash the player with its Kingly Slam Skill, but it landed directly on top of the Pal Sphere. Once the Sphere had successfully caught Melpaca and its finishing animation, it flung Kingpaca into the air. It then fell to the ground, dying on impact. Well, that’s one way of taking out a boss.

Infinite Inferno

This unfortunate post by QSensei was made on Reddit. PalworldA glitch nearly fried their PC. While fighting a Mammorest who came dangerously close to their base, their Lucky Pal used Ignis Rage, which glitched out and burnt everything in their game – and I mean everything – to a crisp. It froze their PC for a couple of seconds. Once everything had burnt and the player’s FPS stabilized, their base and their Pals were toast. Oops.

Palworld is now available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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