February 23, 2024

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GF9 Unveils New “Star Trek: Away Missions” Expansions Featuring Iconic Original Series Characters

GF9 has recently announced two new expansions for the “Star Trek: Away Missions” board game, shifting its focus to the Original Series. This marks a notable change from the game’s previous expansions, which were based on “The Next Generation” series.

“Star Trek: Away Missions,” a tactical, miniature-based board game, allows players to lead Away Teams through various missions. Players will be able interact with characters from the Original Series through these new expansions.

The new expansions introduce teams that are led by Captain Kirk or Commander Scotty. Each expansion brings unique gameplay elements to “Star Trek: Away Missions.” The Captain Kirk expansion features characters such as First Officer Spock, Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy, and Ensign Pavel Chekov. The Commander Scotty extension includes Communications Officer Uhura and Lieutenant Sulu.

A key feature of these expansions is the introduction of the “beam away” ability, adding a new layer to the game’s strategy. This update will offer players new ways to play the game and enhance their experience.

With these expansions, “Star Trek: Away Missions” now offers a total of eight distinct Away Teams, each with its own playstyle and characteristics. These new additions are sure to appeal to both fans of the franchise and new players.

The expansions are scheduled for release in March, expanding the universe of “Star Trek: Away Missions” and providing more options for player engagement.

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