February 24, 2024

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The newest Sonic the Hedgehog has finally been confirmed after weeks of speculation. Showcased as part of PlayStation’s 2024 State of Play, Sonic X Shadow Generations is a remaster of the 2011 platformer with fresh content starring everyone’s favorite edgelord, Shadow the Hedgehog.

Sonic fans may not be surprised to hear that Generations will be the next Sonic game to be remastered. Shadow-flavoredIt’s still exciting to see the official version of events.

The reveal trailer recreates the nostalgic opening sequence where modern Sonic meets his diminutive classic doppelgänger, before Shadow busts onto the scene and ruins their reunion. There’s something both hilarious and heartbreaking about watching poor little classic Sonic fall out of the shot.

The new content is then revealed, as Shadow blasts through industrial settings without a single handgun in sight. He then brings back an old foe in Black Doom. Originally appearing in the self-titled 2005 spin-off, Shadow’s nefarious creator looks to play a major role this time around.

Sonic Generations was released on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2011, along with a Nintendo 3DS version. Heralded for bringing back Sonic’s original pudgy appearance, the game reviewed quite well, and boasts a 77 average critical score on Metacritic.

Image Source: SEGA

Though we’ve been pining for a true sequelSince then, we have received the disappointing Sonic ForcesIn 2017, Sonic classic was thrown into the mix a bit clumsily. On the plus side Sonic ManiaIn the same year, a more appropriate flagbearer was released.

S Xbox One, Steam Epic Store and Nintendo Switch, in August 2024.|S, Xbox One, Steam, the Epic Store, and Nintendo Switch. This is especially important for Wii owners who were disappointed last time.

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