Smashy Road 2 Cheats, Tips And Tricks [Latest 2023]

Smashy Road 2 cheats

Are you finding Smashy Road 2 cheats? You are on the right page here we describe everything related to the Smashy Road: Wanted 2.

This is an arcade game where you find lots of levels and missions. When you complete the tasks and mission you will get some reward from the game.

It has also many avatars that you can choose the best one for you. Many things that will attract you to play this game because it is a multiplayer version.

The game Smashy Road: Wanted is way similar to the GTA Vice City there are some major changes in this game. Forget about the story like walking with a weapon and chasing police.

Levels are the key to unlocking new features in the Smashy Road 2. For example, reach level 10 to flee like wanted because after that police will chase you.

Smashy Road 2 Cheats

The cheat codes are very useful when you need to unlock the hidden trick in the game. You will find cheats here, Just for your information, these tricks will apply only to the updated version of the game.

You can share these tricks with your friends, who play this game. Unlock new vehicles with special functions by using these cheats.

There are some glitches in this game if you are playing for a long time then you may know about it. Sometimes your car is stuck in water due to a glitch.

You need $100 to unlock a new character and vehicle. Collect $100 by completing missions and quests in the Smashy Road 2.

Watching ads is a way to earn more in-game money. After you earn enough amount of in-game money then just relax and go to the game lobby.

In the lobby, you will find a slot machine. You need to run the slot machine till you run out of cash, there is a chance to get premium items.

Free In-Game Cash

Complete missions and quests with proper instruction then you will get rewards as money in your account. If you don’t like quests then there are other ways.

Watch ads to earn more than the mission’s reward. You will get extra bucks by watching video ads in Smashy Road 2. Ad length is almost 30 seconds.

There are many games in the world, You can collect Pocket Incoming Gift CodesAngry Birds 2 Promo Codes and Clash of Joy Pack Codes.

Upgrade Vehicle

The most essential thing while playing this game is to upgrade your vehicle. You can upgrade till your money exists in your account.

There is a garage icon in the game lobby, In this option, you will find another option tool. The tool option will let you change colors and many things. Sometimes it costs you real money.

Do not jump into the water

When police chase you there is a chance to escape from them by jumping in the water. Make sure that you have enough health to survive in the water otherwise, you will drown.

Tip: Try to avoid jumping in the water, You can choose another way.

More ways to get Smashy Road 2 Cheats 2022


There is a page for Smashy Road 2 on Facebook, You can follow the page to update always with the latest changes in the game.

Otherwise, you can join gaming pages for tips and tricks. Many gamers always share new tricks with the people in a group.


Join a live stream of the related games like Smashy Road, There is a live chat section on Youtube. Ask for cheat codes there.

Some players share their invitation codes and promo codes in the live chat you use them in your game to get rewards.


We all know about Reddit because it is the only platform where every gamer registers with his account. You can also join the gaming community on Reddit.

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If you are facing any issues with this game then let us know, We will give you Smashy Road 2 cheats as soon as we got an update.

We checked these cheats in our gameplay before posting them here, so feel free to use them. If you have any tricks then comment below.

Happy Gaming!

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