Shining Nikki Codes 2023[Get Free Gems With Cheats]

Shining Nikki Codes

The Shining Nikki codes are very useful to redeem when you need new rewards and gifts that are premium and rare to get while playing the game.

Have any idea what is Shinning Nikki? It is nothing but an exceptionally stunning anime-styled fashion game. Players of Shining Nikki will soon become fascinated by the graphics, character designs, and outfits that look to have the anime come out of a comic book but are far more colorful and realistic.

Gamers will get the chance to showcase their visual skills with Shining Nikki as they match hundreds of luxurious and eye-catching clothes and accessories with current trends.

In contrast, a lot of the game’s clothes must be purchased using in-game currency and are very valuable. However, Shining Nikki frequently distributes coupons to unlock a variety of priceless products, assisting players in purchasing new costumes.

Below you will see a constantly updated list of the latest Shining Nikki codes, explaining how it works and the steps to enter the redemption codes.

Shining Nikki Codes

The Shining Nikki codes have an expiration date. Therefore you must input the code straight away to keep it from going outdated.

The redeem code may only be applied once per player. In order to guarantee to receive the reward, you must pay close attention to entering the proper code, which must include uppercase, lowercase, and special characters.

Active Shining Nikki Codes August 2022

  • nACreAC3PbpE – [Fresh]
  • nACsUtsnH6ub – [Fresh]
  • nACqnvQy32Yd 
  • nACpsh66w54u – Get Three Fantasy Tickets and 20,000 Gold 
  • nACmSKFj9kaU – Get free 5 Poetry of Time and 60 Stamina
  • nACnTTFk4YwB – Get 5,000 Gold and 6 Memory Key R
  • nACjetVvpn35 – Get 20 Poetry of Time and 3 Fantasy Tickets 
  • nACkMUq8Nb2A 
  • nAChCm4vJyKk
  • THANKU41Y – Get 100 Stamina, 800,000 Gold, 60 SSR Concept Shards and 10 UR Concept Shards
  • NIKKI1Y – Get 500,000 Gold, 10 Memory Key R and 100 Stamina
  • PROMISETOU – Get 1 Fantasy Ticket, 100 Stamina and 1,000,000 Gold
  • NIKKI2022 – Get 50 Stamina, 5000 Gold and 20 Pink Gems

Expired Redeem Codes


These cheat codes are very useful because they give you various types of rewards for your game like tickets, unlimited free gems, unlimited free golds, poetry of time, stamina, memory track and many things that are not free when you use them from the game and without using these codes.

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How to use Shining Nikki codes?

The steps below simplify entering the code because Shining Nikki features an in-game code redemption hub.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here are some guide about how to use the Shining Nikki redeem codes, Follow the proper steps with guide to get rewards and gifts fastly, Let us know about your experience.

  1. First Step

    Download and launch Shining Nikki on your device.

  2. Second Step

    Click on the player’s avatar in the top left corner to see their profile page.

  3. Third Step

    Select Redeem Code with Gift Box Icon under Settings after clicking Settings.

  4. Fourth Step

    Correctly enter the code or copy and paste it into the Redeem Code box.

  5. Fifth Step

    In order to validate the code’s redemption and activate the reward straight away in the game, click the Claim button at the end.

  6. Final Step

    Enjoy your rewards and gifts!

Shining Nikki Game

For Android and iOS, Papergames offers Shining Nikki, a 3D dress-up game. Shining Nikki, the close to Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen, encourages players to reconnect with Nikki for another gorgeously animated journey that combines a compelling narrative with stylish clothing.

Mixing and matching various parts to create your look will make you stand out as the stage’s brightest star.

GameShining Nikki
GenreRole-Play game
DownloadPlay Store & App Store

By using your camera, capture priceless moments as you collaborate with Nikki to produce your unique fashion blockbuster. Dressing up is only one aspect of this.

Along with watching movies and shopping, you will also get to go on vacation with Nikki and celebrate birthdays. You can also join Nikki and other designers in the fight to keep Miraland from an inevitable end. As her closest friend, know about Nikki’s life, see how she develops, and enjoy with her.

How does the game present Nikki?

The Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen sequel is the most recent edition in the series, with over 100 million downloads. Again, it comes in FULL 3D. Shining Nikki features stunning images, unlike anything you have ever seen due to PaperGames cutting-edge graphics technology, which took three years to develop.

With models of more than 80,000 polygons, a superior lighting setup, and a shadow matrix, thousands of fabric textures are accurately recreated.

The game will present the most incredible and authentic dress-up experience on your screen. Personalized cosmetics, the newest trends, and elegant costume sets are the latest. Your wardrobe will be filled with thousands of beautifully made outfits, bringing your fashion fantasies to life.

FAQs About Shining Nikki Codes

What is the fastest way to get gems in Shining Nikki?

There are many ways to get gems in Shining Nikki, Use them one by one to get gems fast. The first one is to share this game to win 100 gems in your account. The game offers you weekly rewards and gives you gems.

Does Shining Nikki have codes?

Yes, there are some Shining Nikki cheat codes that help you to get rewards and gifts in fast mode. These are officially launched by the developer to celebrate the milestone so feel free to use them.

How do I get free diamonds on Shining Nikki?

Complete the achievements, increase styling power, fight and win batters and other many things will offer you free diamonds in order to complete the process.

How to get Shining Nikki redeem codes?

Shining Nikki codes are published on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Discord.
Most of the time, developers release the codes to celebrate milestones, holidays, partnerships, and special events. As soon as new redemption codes become available, you will update the game. Ensure that you do not miss any new codes for the best update.

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Wrapping Up

If you want to get more codes, you need to follow the developers to bring new codes. You can do this by checking out the coder account and their discord server. Then you will get the code if the developers update the code.

The listed above are the guide to Shining Nikki codes where you can get a clear idea. If you are facing any issues while redeeming these cheat codes then let us know in the comment section.

Happy Gaming!

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