Purrfect Tale Codes 2023 [Free Hearts And Cod!]

Purrfect Tale Codes

Are you looking for some Purrfect Tale codes? Want to unlock new cats and resources? If yes then you are landed at the right place. Here is the list of updated codes that make your gameplay more interesting.

Purrfect Tale is a mobile game featuring an interactive story and cats collected by BadMouse, released on Android and AppStore in January 2021.

There is no in-game currency required for progressing in the game. It is possible, however, to purchase the game currency to obtain some items and cats. Cat collecting and interactive comics are the main features of the game.

Interactive comics are used to tell this story. To progress in the game, players need to consider their options and make decisions.

Through various mini-puzzles, the story illustrates the struggles of a high school girl and her friends and families as she struggles with her dream and passion. Like other similar games, Purrfect Tale also allows you to add some codes and cheats to unlock new cats and scenes.

By interacting with the cats and other characters, the player will be able to gain a better understanding of them. Find out more about the story of the cats by collecting their items.

Purrfect Tale Codes

The redeem codes are officially released by the game developer of Purrfect Tale, So feel free to use these codes and share them with your gamer friend.

These codes has an expiry date so use these before they get expired and share them in your group. You will earn some rewards and gifts from these redeem codes.

Active Codes

  • DATEWITHMO – 20x Heart & 600 Cod (NEW)
  • happy1106 
  • badmouse 
  • gumino1 – 888 Free Cod!
  • cutegumi – 888 Free Cod!
  • lovinggumi – 10 Free Hearts

Collecting Cats

There are many rooms in the house, as well as a garden that can be decorated by the players. Through interaction with the cats collected through the Claw Machine, their affection level can increase, and their stories can be unlocked.

By earning more Cod, players are able to purchase new furniture, wearables, farming equipment, and decorate new rooms.

In the game, there are currently over 60 different breeds of cats, each with their own story available over WeChat and triggered events. In addition, you can attract different animals using the stroll feature, such as dogs, birds, and rabbits.

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How to use Purrfect Tale codes?

There is an in-game redemption option in Purrfect Tale’s settings menu, unlike other games. The codes do not have to be entered on an external site and then returned to the game to verify that they work, as they do in most mobile games.

The following steps will guide you to redeeming the Purrfect Tale redeem codes and getting cool rewards:

  1. First Step

    Download the Purrfect Tale and launch it on your device.

  2. Second Step

    Find “Settings” in the Menu after launching the game, Just tap on the Settings icon from the lobby.

  3. Third Step

    A box will appear showing an option of Redemption Code in the top left corner, Tap the button.

  4. Fourth Step

    You will be asked to enter a code, The code must be copied and pasted as it is. After that, click Confirm.

  5. Fifth Step

    You will receive your rewards as a result of your account, Enjoy your gaming!

If you followed the above steps properly in your Purrfect Tale game then you will definitely get rewards and gifts in your account in some time. Make sure that you don’t miss any step and yes copy the correct code that works.

Where to find more Purrfect Tale cheats?

The game developer released new cheats and redeem codes when they celebrate any milestone for the game. Some games release these codes on their social media pages.

You can check the official Facebook page of Purrfect Tale game. Follow the page to get the latest update regarding the game like wallpapers, levels, cats, cheats and even redeem codes.

After Facebook there are also some profiles on Discord, Join the page and you will find a community of gamers there so they will give every new and latest code of the game.

FAQs About Purrfect Tale

How do I get free hearts on Purrfect Tale?

There are some easy steps to follow when you need free hearts, Just tap on the heart icon placed in the top-right corner. After that tap on “Claim Rewards”, If you are eligible for one then you will be rewarded with free hearts in Purrfect Tale.

How do I get more animals in the Purrfect Tale?

Make sure that you have food for animals, Now just find an empty slot and place some favorite food for animals. Wait until they come to eat your food, Enjoy!.

What are some Purrfect Tale codes for hearts?

Codes are basically for entertainment like they increase your gaming enjoyment, These are some codes HAPPY1STANN, badmouse, gumino1, lovinggumi and other active codes will writtern above.

How many chapters are there in Purrfect Tale?

There are six main chapters in Purrfect Tale as of now, We can’t predict future updates so stay updated with the game.

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Wrapping Up

There is nothing more calming than playing a relaxing and calm game like Purrfect Tale, which is a casual pet category game. There will be exponential growth in competition as the game improves.

We’ve compiled a list of all the Purrfect Tale cheats that you’ll need to improve your gaming experience around the globe. Therefore, always remember to get this code and use it wisely while playing this game.

The Purrfect Tale Codes expire after a period of time, so make sure to utilize them before they expire. If you are facing any issues while redeeming these codes then just let us know in the comment section.

Happy Gaming!

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