Passing the Torch Treasure Hunt Location, Detail, Reward & Walkthrough

Passing The Torch Treasure Hunt

Back-to-back treasure hunts are there in Far Cry 6, those are very useful while you want to have any rewards and XP. Let’s begin with the complete walkthrough.

Today, you will know about the Passing the Torch treasure hunt in Far Cry 6. Just follow the perfect steps of this treasure hunt.

In the end, when you finish this treasure hunt you will be rewarded with some special legendary item in Far Cry 6.

You will discover everything that you need to know about the Passing the Torch treasure hunt. Let’s begin with the walkthrough.

Passing the Torch Treasure Hunt

Before starting the guide we have to know about the location of this treasure hunt. Basically, it’s located in the Sierra Perdida sub-region.

I know that the Sierra Perdida is big. So our Passing the Torch treasure hunt is located near the Felicidad, northeast of the Patriotas Peak camp.

Treasure hunts are like puzzles, solve them with your brain and excellency. At the end of this treasure hunt, you will get some rewards.

Passing the Torch Treasure Hunt Location & Detail

passing the treasure hunt map location

Like other treasure hunts, this treasure hunt also has some tasks to complete to get the reward by the Far Cry 6. You just have to do some walking and switching.

If you are a Far Cry player then you definitely know about the El Este, It is one of the regions in Far Cry 6. This treasure hunt is located there.

Treasure Hunt Name Passing the Torch
Reward 1 Supremo-Bond (Resolver Material), Fifteen Wishes (Wrist Gear) & SPAS-12 (Shotgun)
XP 150 Guerrilla XP
Location Near Felicidad, Sierra Perdida, El Este

Not only Passing the Torch treasure hunt but there are also other seven treasure hunts located. The perfect location is Felicidad in Sierra Perdida.

If you are facing while finding the perfect location then just remember the purple diamond in the northeast region of the Patriotas camp. You will lead to this treasure hunt.

You will get further information in the paper while you reach the location of the Passing the Torch treasure hunt.

Passing the Torch Walkthrough

You were guided about how to reach this treasure hunt. After successfully reading the note about Passing the Torch treasure hunt, you have to perform some tasks.

In order to complete this treasure hunt, make direct the power of those houses. Find three orange switches in those houses.

The fourth switch will open the door of a hut where you will find two crates & legendary items. So let’s begin step by step.

Just take the staircase and go up to where you find a power cable with a bulb, It will lead you to a yellow house. But there is no entry hole just broke the wooden plates with a gun.

Here is the image of the first house where you find your first switch.

first switch location in passing the treasure hunt map

After reaching in climb up to the room where you find an orange switch, you just have to down or start the switch. After doing this action suddenly TV sounds come in.

Now it’s time to find the second switch which is next to this house. That house is colored with Cyan color. There are two ways to enter this house.

The switch is on the second floor and the main door is locked. So go behind the house and go through the window, this is the first way.

second switch location in passing the torch treasure hunt

The second way is to climb near the hut and go through the roof and solar panels. Both are easy you have to choose the right one.

When you successfully enter by the window, you will find a switch right near the window just switch it on. Let’s move to the third switch.

Jump down from the second house because the third one is very easy to find. Back to the stair track that you start first go up, where you find a small room with a roof and wooden door.

This house is in front of you when you move forward on stairs. After reaching there just shoot the door with the gun, breast it, and enter the house.

third switch location in the passing the torch treasure hunt

Yes, there is another clue to find the third house, there are solar panels near it. You can see clearly in the above image.

As you entered the third purple house, you will see an orange switch in front of you just make it down. Now it’s time to find our fourth switch.

After successfully on the three switches, on the fourth switch to open the door of the first house to grab the rewards.

Go down to the bottom where we started this treasure hunt, you will spot an open hut in the path at your right side. here is the image of the fourth open hut see it.

the fourth switch location in the passing the torch treasure hunt

You will find the fourth orange switch there just on it. Awesome! you did it. Just go to the house that is located on another side of this open hut.

Now the door is open, enter it and you will find a TV is on. Just there you will find a crate or box, open it and grab your rewards.

Our Passing the Torch treasure hunt is over, grab your reward.

Passing the Torch Rewards

Great! I’m glad that you successfully completed the Passing the Torch treasure hunt. After you reach the last house you’ll get the two boxes over there.

When you open the first crate, you will get a Supremo Bond – Resolver Material, Fifteen Wishes – wrist gear and a SPAS-12 shotgun.

The other box that is nearby the TV table includes Rioter Pants.

Hope you completed this treasure hunt, If you are facing any issues while completing it then let us know. You can describe your query in the comment section. 

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