Parting Gift Treasure Hunt Far Cry 6

Parting Gifts treasure hunt

We are going through completing several treasure hunts in Far Cry 6, so here is another treasure hunt with a solution for you.

Treasure hunting is the most adventurer thing that anyone can do in-game. Far Cry 6 offers lots of treasure hunts in it so the player can increase their gaming experience.

Here you can find clues and details about the treasure hunt. We covered almost every treasure hunt walkthrough and solution.

At the end of every treasure hunt, you will get a special & legendary item. That you can use in-game, they rarely find equipment in Far Cry 6.

Now let’s move to the main topic about Parting Gift treasure hunt, below is the location detail of this treasure hunt.

Parting Gift Treasure Hunt Location

Parting Gift Treasure Hunt Location

If you are playing Far Cry 6 from long time then there is nothing new. See the purple diamond on above map image of Far Cry 6.

Basically the treasure hunt is at the Coco’s Conuco Oven, It is located on Conuco area of El Este. Just find the area on the map.

A complete walkthrough lead you to reward that will increase your XP and assets in Far Cry 6. Let’s start the walkthrough & every details.

Parting Gift Treasure Hunt Guide & Walkthrough

I know that you’ve completes many treasures hunts in Far Cry 6, but this treasure hunt will complete different. You will enjoy it.

The Parting Gift treasure hunt is full of adventure, you will explore different places there. There is a farm at the treasure hunt location.

After clicking on purple diamond you will find a mail box with a note. The treasure hunt will start after reading the note.

Now, there are many task to perform and complete the treasure hunt. After reading the note, shoot the man in front of you.

The man is little far from your location you will see him with clear sight. Now the second task is to unplug the wire from machine.

generator plugs

There are two machines like generator, go there and you will see the yellowish cable attached to the generators. Just unplugg them.

After that incident, the both of machines will shut down.

Its time to driving a carry truck, you will see a truck attached with a generator. Just disconnect it from the truck and reconnect it.

Now its time to drive the truck to the hut, where from power supple is distributed to everything. Just take the generator to the blue water pump with the word “AGUA”.

park generator in hut

There is a shed, park generator there. Powersupply will automatically distribute to everything, let’s concentrate on other work.

Go to the blue water tank in your left from the shed where you parked generator. There is a yellow valve in water tank.

tank at the treasure hunt

Just shoot them, who interfere in your mission while completing.

Turn the valve, it will works like a firebrigade because when you park generator the pump will start and water will flow through the pipe.

Fire will over after water spread in the room. Now go to the oven because fire is over, you will spot a ventilated fan there in wall.

See the lock on a roof hatch, just shoot it from the net of fan. After shooting the lock get outside the oven and climb the ladder located outside.

On the roof there is a tiny entrance like bunkers, get into this. You will spot a key card in that room just collect that, use it for get outside from the room.

Now go to forward and follow the wall of oven room you will see other door that is locked. The treasure hunt reward is located there.

Parting Gift Treasure Hunt Reward

parting gift treasure hunt reward

Struggle is real, at the end of the Parting Gift treasure hunt you will get a great reward from Far Cry 6. It is a MGL-6 Grenade Launcher.

It is a powerful weapne in Far Cry 6, it is a legendary item in game you will rarely find it. You can follow other treasure hunt to get legendary items from it.

Just do as the article says and you will be unstoppable, Hope you completed the treasure hunt without any difficulty.

If you had a question about Parting Gift treasure hunt then you can comment below in the comment section, we will get back to you.

Happy Gaming!

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