February 23, 2024

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Out of all 100+ Pals you can catch in developer Pocketpair’s popular new “Pokémon with guns” survival game PalworldJormuntide is a great dragon to hunt down, as well as its sibling Jormuntide. These massive serpentine Dragons are not only excellent fighters, with their high health and damage, but also because they have the only Pals who can perform Level 4 Watering or Kindling. This makes them the best specialized workers for these jobs specifically — and both Watering and Kindling are important for growing and cooking food, refining resources, and more.

They’re the best Pals ever, and they even made it to S-tier. Palworld tier list. Jormuntide, Jormuntide ignis and other Pals are not exceptions to this. If you are determined to get Jormuntide, however, continue reading. I will explain where to find them, how to catch them effectively, as well as how to breed it if that is what you prefer.

Palworld: Jormuntide Ignis and Jormuntide locations

The blue and red circle indicates where you can find Jormuntide Ignis. (Image credit Palworld.th.gl/Windows Central).

Jormuntide Ignis, and Jormuntide, only appear in very specific places. They are difficult to find, but players have shared their information about where they can be found.

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