February 24, 2024

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Then, you can get in touch with us. Palworld Player knows the struggle of the moving process, where they’ll often be anchored down by their inventory. I mean, I get that it’s supposed to be realistic, but standard items like wood and stone shouldn’t be the bane of my existence when it comes to storage.

Fortunately, Twitter/X users makeUmove and savage411 discovered a way for Move itemsThey can move around freely without feeling weighed down. They could carry an object to another storage area without being weighed down.

If you haven’t interacted much StorageIt is important to note that heavy stacks may cause the base to become immobile. A trick like this is very helpful for the base.

This method is similar to the alternative method that players have used for their Grapple Gun. This technique allows you to zip to your destination while still carrying the item.

Both methods can be helpful in the end, but Palworld players want to change the mechanics of weight. It is understandable that the items will weigh you down on your travels. However, some users feel we should have unlimited capacity at our base. This feature or a backpack would make life much easier.

Then, you can be sure that the Palworld mapThis issue will be addressed at a later date. But for now, you can learn how to do makeUmove’s trick for a more accessible experience.

How to move items in Palworld without being encumbered

If you aren’t exactly sure how to move resources like the Twitter/X user does, the main thing you need to press is the ‘Tab’ key. Follow these steps to break it down:

  1. Open you storage
  2. Click and hold an item
  3. Hit the ‘Tab’ button
  4. You can walk to the desired chest
  5. Open the storage and place your item inside

The ‘Tab’ key allows you to close your storage and freely walk around with the items in hand. It won’t affect your weight capacity at all, so don’t worry about being in that immobile state.

Image Source: Pocketpair via Twinfinite

This technique works best for short walks within the base. Normally, this can be much more difficult. In the future, we could get another way of performing these transfers as players test out Palworld’s various mechanics.

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