How to Open The Door of Fort Quito in Far Cry 6

how to Open The Door of Fort Quito

While playing Far Cry 6, I think you had a question about how to open the door at the lower part of Fort Quito. We are going to know the complete guide.

Every door that is hard to open or find must give you a special reward while you open it. The door of Fort Quito also includes a special reward Yaran Contraband Chest.

The Yaran Contraband Chest will give you a special weapon. It is a strong weapon named “The Autocrat”. Fort Quito is a part of the Du or Die mission.

Fort Quito location

In order to open the Fort Quito door, you have to perform many tasks like climbing, swimming and much more. By the way, it will not take more time if you follow instructions properly.

You can get the Autocrat if you will be successful in overcoming every problem & query in your path. Just go on!

Guide: Open The Door Of Fort Quito

You might be aware of Fort Quito, but I will share your location also. Fort Quito is located at Sanctuary Island in Far Cry 6. It is basically a military location with underground tunnels.

If you want to reach the door then you have to go through the underground tunnel. It is an easy way to get in and reach quickly.

Now the question is where the hell is the underground tunnel? It is located on the Northside of Fort Quito. But the problem is that the door has no lock so we can’t break or shoot it.

But let’s see we have many ways to overcome it & get the reward.

How to reach the locked door?

cave location at quito fortWhen you reach the fort, you have to be in the basement area of the fort but how can you reach there? Let’s find the way.

There are many ways but we are going through to the safest way for you. Go through a dark cave that is full of water, cross it by swimming.

The cave will lead you to the basement area of Quito fort. When you reach the basement area, you’ll find a door first with a human hand paw sign.

Kick the door and get in, when you entered the room you’ll find a fenced room and there is an open entrance. You can take a ladder that goes down in the basement. Go into this.

After successfully reaching the down basement, you’ll find another ladder to go downward. Now go from the stairs.locked door at quito fort

There is a locked door with a plate “ENVIO Y RECEPCION”.

Congratulation you completed the task to find the door, Let’s see what after!

How to enter or open the locked door?

fort quito door

If you noticed after reaching the door that there is no lock and no keys so you can’t even shoot the door to open it. Don’t worry because we have ‘Plan B’.

Note: Even you have the key that you found while performing “Du or Die mission”, you can’t be able to use that key because it will not work on this door. That key is for the door with depleted Uranium in Du or Die mission.

Now keep moving right off the locked door, you will find 3 or 5 ropes laid on the floor. Then take left you will find a wooden panel there over the fence.

If you have a machete then shoot the wooden panel or kick it out. Now the entrance is open to you get in. You can find a crate there.

Open it and boom! You’ll be rewarded by Unique Weapon – Autocrat.

Autocrat – A Unique Weapon

autocrat weapon

The Autocrat is basically a pistol but it is very powerful than the other base PMM pistol. It got the second rank in Far Cry 6 with 500 Rate of Fire and 8 Magazine.

It is as powerful that it can penetrate helmets and body bulletproof armor. Trigger Discipline mod provides you accurate & better damage to the enemy.

You will definitely defeat your enemy if you have an Autocrat in your hand. Because it has good damage and range in wreaking havoc.

You can’t change the mod layout of this Autocrat like other weapons. The main disadvantage of this weapon.

We just complete a short, safe & sweet mission. If you are facing any issues while completing it, you can contact us with a comment. We will back soon with a solution.

Keep sharing & Of course, keep playing!

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