February 23, 2024

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Onyx Path Publishing released details about their upcoming supplement. “Curious Cats of Mau,”For the Realms of Pugmire Roleplaying Game. This add-on explores cats’ lives in a world without humanity. The feline characters are able to go on adventures and explore ancient ruins. They can also navigate the complexities of political relationships among their kind and rival species as well as the dogs of Pugmire.

Pugmire creator Eddy Webb and Lauren Roy collaborated to create this game. “Curious Cats of Mau”This is the first expansion following the successful crowd-funding of the new edition Pugmire at the beginning of 2023. The previous game was a completely different experience. “Monarchies of Mau,” this supplement requires the Realms of Pugmire core rulebook, a decision that reflects the community’s interest in a unified gaming experience across the canine and feline realms.

Webb chose the year 2024 to be the tenth anniversary for the first Pugmire Media. This was the perfect time to update content for cat lovers in the gaming community. The supplement contains character creation rules that are comprehensive, detailed descriptions of cat houses, new calls, and a thorough look at the monarchies, including the ominous house Smilodon. The supplement also offers a number of new spells and enemies as well as three new adventures.

To facilitate the publication “Curious Cats of Mau”Onyx Path Publishing launched a BackerKit Campaign in game stores to fund the print run. The campaign is expected to last for four full weeks. The publisher has announced plans for a new supplement following this release. “Threats and Curs,”Focusing on a collection or antagonists indicates a direct move into production.

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