My Singing Monsters Friend Codes [Latest 2023]

My Singing Monsters Friend Codes

Want to progress quickly? You must need some My Singing Monsters friend codes that help you easily level up, unlock achievements and much more.

My Singing Monsters is a fun game where you can breed and feed monsters. During the game, the player builds groups of singing and dancing monsters that perform music and sing.

Platforms supporting the game include iOS, Android, Amazon, PlayStation Vita, and Windows. My singing Monsters has been updated numerous times since then to add new Monsters, Islands, and gameplay elements and has been released on many different platforms.

My Singing Monsters Friend Codes

The Friend Code is made up of four to ten digits followed by two letters, which is the game ID of the player. Making new friends in My Singing Monsters is a lot easier with their friend codes. Players can add each other to their friend lists by adding their ID.

  • 84581896CA
  • 1012921333LJ
  • 88714739FL
  • 24508923KN
  • 80190554DM
  • 92145258HI
  • 96847030HA
  • 78888481KH
  • 1004104060ME
  • 1011054628KM
  • 72570880HC

There is a chance to get 1,000 diamonds by redeeming these codes.

Friend Code sharing 2022

In addition to your friend code, other users will be able to see your name. You will have the chance to show your friend a code when you light a torch on your friend’s island or a random island. Your friend code can be used by the owner of the random island to add you to their friend list.

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Rules of sharing and adding friend codes

  • If you want to edit someone else’s friend code entry, ask them first.
  • Be sure there is only one instance of your Friend Code on the list. No more than four codes at a time are allowed.
  • After adding or moving your code, a period of at least one month must have passed.
  • Alternatively, if you prefer to update your code without moving it, you are welcome to do so.
  • Your entry must not be bold, underlined, italicized, or in capital letters. Use standard font sizes and avoid custom fonts.
  • Limit yourself to two graphics symbols or emojis per entry. These should be added after the friend’s code.
  • Write your code after the friend code and the date of the current month.
  • It would help if you didn’t make people use your code in order to earn referral bonuses.

Tips for sharing and adding friend codes 

  • It is helpful to include your in-game name alongside your code. By doing so, your friends will have an easier time finding you on their friend list.
  • If there is an error on your Friend Code or a missing digit, or if there is an extra digit, it will not be usable by others.
  • The more diamonds someone promises for referring you to them, the more likely you will give them your referral code because they want to trick you into giving them yours.
  • In this game, you don’t have the option of telling someone who gave the key if they say they’ll do something for you if you offer them a key. Other communication methods, such as posting messages on people’s walls, could lead to an agreement.

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Wrapping Up

The player can progress through the game with the help of friends. As soon as a player downloads the game, they are issued a Friend Code. These My Singing Monsters friend codes for diamonds also credit them into your account.

In the Friends menu and under the Options menu, you can access it by clicking the Support tab. You and your Friend Code will become “Friends” in the game once you enter your Friend Code or vice versa.

In addition to visiting each other’s islands, friends may “Like” or “Dislike” their appearances, and they can light Wishing Torches.

There is a variety of friend’s codes available on the internet. Your friends can view your islands anytime if they know you are My Singing Monsters friend codes. It is also possible for friends to gift keys to each other for free.

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