The Missing Muse Treasure Hunt Guide – Far Cry 6

The Missing Muse Treasure Hunt

Many paths will lead you to The Missing Muse treasure hunt but we have to find the best one for us. Let’s start with the introduction.

Treasure hunts are the best way to grab the rewards by the game. There are many treasure hunts in Far Cry 6. You can also find it on our website.

The Missing Muse treasure hunt is a little bit different than others. Read the poetry of the two characters in it. You can also check The Long Drop Treasure Hunt.

There is a person named “Rosa”. Dani has to follow the path A Yaran poet says in his poetry. It is so much easy to find.

Yaran poet has left his poetry for his missing lover Rosa. He wrote poetry about their relationship and love. Read poetry for further information about the treasure hunt chest.

Let’s begin with the location of the treasure hunt.

The Missing Muse Treasure Hunt Location

missing muse treasure hunt location

It is one type of island where the Missing Muse treasure hunt is located. You can see the purple diamond in the above image of the map.

The treasure hunt is can be easily found by everyone. It is located on the Cape Santa Maria at Pez Volador Diving Club near the El Sorbo Lounge.

Read all the poetry found there in a different place. It is like an island, go through the rocks and water.

Every step will help to reach the next step, you just have to follow and read instructions one by one and you will reach the reward.

The whole treasure hunt is like a love story of a poet Ambrosia and his loved one Rosa. He wrote poetry for his love in this treasure hunt.

The Missing Muse Treasure Hunt Guide or Walkthrough

missing muse treasure hunt guide

Let’s start reading love story😁, Jokes apart! We have to read all the poetry written by Ambrosia for his love Rosa.

So first reach the treasure hunt location that is described above with a map location and coordination.

When you reach the location first start the treasure hunt by reading a note. Do nothing, just follow the purple diamond.

When you reach the hut, interact with that purple diamond. It will show the details about the Missing Muse treasure hunt.

The pop-up shows that the Missing Muse treasure hunt starts. If you read that note then you notice that Ambrosio says that rosa has his key.

We have to find that key, it is in the bar. You can see the bar outside that hut it is half sheep and half building.

Walk there, reach the second floor where Ambrosio’s key is hanging on the key holder. The key of Rosa’s heart is yours now.

key location in missing muse

The next note of poetry is on the table in the bar. Turn behind after taking the key you will find a table with a scribbled note, it will guide you to the next step.

Just read that poetry and go towards the tower in the water, don’t worry below is the image of that tower you can identify it easily.

tower in the sea missing muse

So finally, you reach the tower/hut you will get the other scribbled note there. That poem will tell about “jutting cliff”, which is very near to you.

Just look after the cliff you will see two cliffs in the water, one of those is for you. Now the simplest way to reach there is to take a zipline.

You will see that the zipline is connected to the cliff, you can reach by there. After reaching, climb to the top of the cliff.

Jump to the second cliff because there is no bridge and other things that join two cliffs, so carefully jump to the other cliff.

When you succeed to jump, on the second cliff there is also a scribbled note there. You will find that note in a wooden case, that is the last poem of  Ambrosio.

third poem in missing muse

You will shock after reading that third or last poem because Rosa is not a person it’s a sunk boat. This is our final clue.

Now it’s time to swim in the sea, there is our reward. Rosa is a sunken boat, you will find it at the bottom of the sea. Just dive in after the cliff.

Another clue is that there is a small tower in the sea, below is the photo of it. It is like a pencil shape and there is maybe blinking light.

sunken boat in the missing muse

Our treasure hunt is down to that tower. When you dive in you will see a sunken boat and chest. Interact with the box and you will get your special reward.

Caution: You have to kill all sharks before diving so you can safely grab your reward.

If you are eagerly and hurry for the reward then the shortest way is that collect key and go to that small tower in the sea where the sunken boat is located.

The Missing Muse Treasure Hunt Reward

reward chest in missing muse

The main thing is that what is the reward of this treasure hunt, if you completed this treasure hunt then you know about it.

The reward is Dark Tech Mask and Life Preserver Charm. You will also get 150XP.

I’m sure that you have completed the Missing Muse treasure hunt, if you are facing any issue with that then comment below. We will back to you.

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