Mighty Party Promotion Code [Latest 2023 Cheats]

Mighty party promotion code

Mighty Party is an RPG title that combines action, battle, role play, and strategy into one package to help players enjoy their free time. Here you will get the latest Mighty Party promotion code.

Challenge players from all around the globe and defeat them to earn what is rightfully yours. There are hundreds of different cards in the game, and you can choose them according to your gameplay.

Based on your strategy, select between offensive and defensive cards and use the best heroes to win every battle. Create a new guild and invite like-minded players to grow together or join an existing guild to get help from experts.

As you fight and win battles, you will earn experience points to upgrade your heroes and increase their powers. The game is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

The game offers various player-vs-player gameplay modes, including ranked battles, arena matches, survival mode, brawl, tournaments, raid events, etc. Set on a single-player adventure and defeat enemies in an engaging story.

The whole map is divided into territories, and fights between guilds erupt from time to time, where each guild puts its best troops on the battleground to get hold of the most beneficial territory. It features different locations, so you don’t get bored and enjoy good graphics.

Mighty Party Promotion Codes

Promotion codes are special codes that developers release from time to time to provide players with free items and other in-game resources and keep them engaged.

Some players take promotion codes as a combination of numbers and letters, but they are much more than that. This article features everything you need to know about them along with the latest promotion codes so you can get some freebies and clear a difficult stage.

Working Codes 2022

  • Cake – 5000 Gold
  • Friends – 3000 Elixir
  • Balloons – 5000 Gold
  • mightyparty – 50 Gems
  • brawlchess – 300 Gems
  • giftday – 150 Gems 
  • mightyday – 300 Gems
  • Candles – 300 Soul Dust
  • happyday – 5000 Gold
  • Gift – 150 Gems
  • wish – 500 Copper Coins

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How to get more promo codes?

Promotion codes are published on the official social media accounts of developers once in a while or when there is a special event such as Christmas or Halloween, etc.

These social media accounts include official Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram account of the game itself as well as accounts of developers.

Various third-party websites also offer an updated list of mighty party promo code that you can check out from time to time to try your luck.

No matter what you do, you can redeem a code once, and you have to manually claim them from the rewards section. If these rewards stay in that section for more than thirty days, they will automatically be deleted, so make sure to check the rewards section.

These codes are only valid for a short period in most cases, so you should redeem them in the first place before they expire. This brings the question of how you can redeem them on the official website of the game as well as the inside the game.

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How to redeem the Mighty Party promotion code?

Although even beginners can effortlessly redeem mighty party promotion codes because it’s the same process for a large number of games, below is a step-by-step guide to help you redeem codes correctly and receive those rewards.

  • Start the game and go to the “News” section by tapping on the button from the bottom-right corner of the screen
  • Click on the “Promotion Code” button at the end of the menus
  • Copy the code from the source and paste it into the bar where the “Type Code Here” text is written
  • Tap on the “ok” button, and you will instantly get rewards

Those who want to redeem codes on their computer have the option of doing it through the official website of the game. The process is different for websites, and below are the guidelines to do it accurately.

  • Go to the official Mighty Party Website and tap on “Redeem Code” from the top right corner of the screen
  • Copy and paste your Mighty Party Id
  • Enter the email address and the promotion
  • Tap on the “Redeem” button to get rewards


1. How to get Heroes in Mighty Party

Ans. There are paid heroes available in the game, but promo codes are the best option to get gems, heroes, gold, and other useful items in the game without spending any money.

2. How to get a pet in Mighty Party

Ans. After reaching league level sixteen, you will be able to get a pet in Mighty Party and use it as your companion. You have to spend in-game currency to buy a pet from the market and upgrade them to max level using souls.

3. When is it perfect to be reborn in Mighty Party?

Ans. After a hero is reborn in Mighty Party, their attack and all the other stats will increase, but there is a level requirement that players have to achieve before doing it. According to pro players, the best time to be reborn is when you have enough cards to instantly level up the hero.


If you are facing any issues while redeeming these Mighty Party Promotion Codes 2022 then let us know in the comment section. We will try our best to solve your issue.

Happy Gaming!

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