February 23, 2024

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What you should know

  • Microsoft has confirmed that Notepad in Windows 11 will be getting an AI upgrade.
  • Insiders can test a beta version of Notepad, which includes the new “Explain With Copilot” feature.
  • Users can ask Copilot to explain a text in a Notepad file.

Notepad, the app that comes with Windows 11, is getting a AI upgrade. A new “Explain With Copilot” feature will analyze highlighted text and provide a breakdown. Microsoft is making this available. Early preview buildTesters in the Windows Insider Canary Channel and Dev Channels can now download the new Notepad application.

You can access Explain with Notepad by right-clicking the highlighted text within an app. By selecting it, the selected text will be copied and automatically pasted into the Copilot sidebar where it will search for answers on the internet.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

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Original content by www.windowscentral.com – “Microsoft integrates Notepad with Copilot on Windows 11”

Read the complete article at https://www.windowscentral.com/software-apps/windows-11/microsoft-integrates-notepad-with-copilot-on-windows-11

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