Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6

liquid courage treasure hunt in far cry 6

The explosion will open the door to your Liquid Courage treasure hunt, yes you have to blast something by pressure in order to access the treasure hunt room.

Make overpressure in boilers to get the reward for this treasure hunt. You will shock after hearing the reward of this treasure hunt.

It will give you an explosive Into Orbit rocket launcher. Completing or solving any treasure hunt is an extreme adventure for us.

Explore new places and mysteries by completing treasure hunts. There are lots of treasure hunts available in Far Cry 6.

You will get a complete guide about the Liquid Courage treasure hunt until this article is over so keep reading.

Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt Location

liquid courage treasure hunt location

It is quite difficult to find the exact location of this treasure hunt but don’t worry. You can see the perfect location of the Liquid Courage treasure hunt in the above image.

This treasure hunt is located in Star Rocket Brewery. If you don’t know where it is then just read this: Noventarmas, a subregion of Valle De Oro.

Forget everything and just focus on the northern coast of Noventarmas. You will easily find it there with help of the image above.

You will see the purple diamond there that is shining, just click on it and read some notes to start this treasure hunt.

How to Complete Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt?

When you reach the location you will see a yellowish house in front of you. Enter in this house you will see a scribbled note on the table.

Read the instruction on the scribbled note. It means your Liquid Courage treasure hunt is started. After reading the note go forward and look for the door.

Go into that room, where look for four valves. You just have to turn all valves to get access to this treasure hunt.

The main intention to do this is, to access the brewery office but unfortunately, it is locked. Look for a key.

First Valve

first valve liquid courage

You will find this valve very quickly because it is located right after you entered that room. There are many metals around that valve.

Another clue is that there were many boxes around the valve. Just remember that the valve is on your right side. I have attached an image of that valve, so you can understand it easily.

Finding the office key is an awesome puzzle! And yes the color of this valve is orange. You can find the gas is leakage from that valve.

When you turn the valve the gas leakage will stop.

Second Valve

second valve liquid courage

So, you successfully completed the first task of this mission. Now it’s time to move on to the second task.

The second valve is quite easy to find, when you entered this room you’ll find the first valve at your right. Take the left in order to find the second valve.

You will find stairs and 4 big rocket boilers on your left. Reach there to the last big boiler, you’ll find a horizontal valve on the pipe.

There is also a gas leakage that occurs, so keep it in your mind. Turn the yellow valve and move further. Its done for now, let’s move for another one.

Third Valve

third valve liquid courage

It is quite difficult to find this valve, search for this valve. But don’t worry just back to the entrance. When you climb the stair for the second valve, there is another stair near it.

Go through the other stair. After the stair is over go to the left from there, you will see that path is over. There are 3-4 pipelines that go horizontally.

Go through those pipelines first, take right then climb a step of pipelines. Bent down and go forward.

After taking a turn you will see a gas leakage and a yellow valve there. Same process turn that valve and this task will be complete.

Fourth Valve

fourth valve liquid courage

There is the condition to turn the fourth valve first, you have to turn the three valves after that you can able to turn the fourth valve.

Basically, this is a boiler valve that is located in the middle of the boiler. The boiler is also placed in the middle of the room.

The lights are turned red to green after you turn the first three valves. And there is another clue that when you turn the third valve the alarm will start beeping.

The boiler has the Star Rocket logo, you will identify that there are no other big boilers. Just go there you will find the fourth valve there.

Caution: Run away from there, after turning the valve because it will blast and you can be damaged by its explosion.

The blast will open the way to the treasure hunt reward. You will see that there is a huge hole in the ceiling by this blast. It is your final way.

Where to find treasure hunt rewards?

reward location liquid courage

Now you will see that there is a hole in the ceiling, just go through the grapple hook. Climb to the room, where you will find a mini tunnel with fans.

Go through the vents, walk a little bit and then jump down from the vents. There is an office that we have to find in the mission.

A dead body lied there in that office, your reward is on the table. There is a crate with a reward in it. Open it.

The Liquid Courage treasure hunt is done. It’s time to know more about the reward that you got from this treasure hunt.

You will also get a keycard for the exit door so take it from the guard that lay on the floor.

Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt Reward

Into Orbit Rocket Launcher

As a reward for this treasure hunt, you will get an “Into Orbit Rocket Launcher”. This is a special and powerful weapon that you can use in the Fart Cry 6.

It is a 4-star weapon that is rarely visible in Far Cry 6. You can’t upgrade it at the workbench. It has two perks: one that grants it homing missiles and another that enhances damage when you’re above an enemy.

You can attack the crowd like a tank vehicle. It is a very powerful weapon that you can use in Far Cry 6.

There are lots of other treasure hunts in Far Cry 6, if you want to know then visit our site regularly. If you have any doubts then let us know we will reach out to you.

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