Animal Crossing: How to Get Log Stakes?

log stakes animal crossing

Log Stakes is a legendary or special item that is used in the Animal Crossing game. You will find the recipe for the Log Stakes here. Just read the article.

You can use the Log Stakes to build a wooden bridge anywhere. You just have to gather three items. If you are trying to build a bridge then we help you.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a lot of new adventures are added in order to increase game feasibility and enhancement.

You don’t need to have a lot of items to create a bridge or Log Stakes, just gather a few things, and boom you can use the Log Stakes.

Use the Log Stakes while Tom Nook asks to build a bridge. You know that if you want to explore the rest of the island.

Log Stakes cannot be found anywhere on the island, you have to do some process to get the Log Stakes. This item is crafted by you.

This is not a tough task to perform, just read this article and you will get the information about how to get the Log Stakes and build a bridge.

How to Get Log Stakes in Animal Crossing?

The main thing that is needed while crafting the Log Stakes is three pieces of normal wood. Check your inventory if any wood there.

If there is no wood in your inventory, don’t worry it take you 1 minute to get the wood. Just strike on a tree with a flimsy axe, you will get wood.

The process of making Log Stakes is very simple, you just have to follow the right path. There are lots of benefits while having Log Stakes.

There are four variations of Log Stakes:

  1. Dark Wood
  2. Orange Wood
  3. White Wood
  4. White Birch

You can also find the recipe of the Log Stakes in the Nook Phone. If you are aware of that then you might know about it.

When you having 3 wood then go to the DIY workbench. If you have your own at your home then doesn’t matter, if you don’t have then you can use resident services.

Here are the steps to make Log Stakes:

how to get log stakes

  1. First, as we discuss before that you should have three pieces of the wood in your inventory, if you don’t have then strike the tree with your axe.
  2. After gathering the required wood then go to the near DIY workbench to craft it.
  3. When you are in the workbench, just open the crafting menu and select the Houseware tab.
  4. Now, Select the Log Stakes option.
  5. Awesome! Just press the button “Craft It” to craft Log Stakes.

After applying the same process at least three times, you will get the Log Stakes in your inventory.

Where to use Log Stakes in Animal Crossing?

When you are made perfect by practicing making Log Stakes, you also know where can it be used in Animal Crossing.

The major use of the Loo Stakes is to build the bridge on your island in the Animal Crossing game. More of that you can decorate your island with Log Stakes.

Here are the three main uses of Log Stakes:

  • To build a bridge across the island or on a little river to cross them.
  • To decorate your island with the Log Stakes.
  • You can make a fence around your house.

The Log Stakes are very feasible material of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You don’t need a lot of crafting material to craft Log Stakes.

How to build your first bridge in Animal Crossing?bridge crafting recipe

Just Relax! because you already put your effort while making Log Stakes. Now just have to craft some materials together and your bridge will be ready.

Tom Nook will call you and give you the formula of the bridge that how you can build a bridge. You just have to craft the below items.

  • Log Stakes (4)
  • Mud (4)
  • Stone (4)

You just explore your first extension, and many more to come on the way while playing this. You do the same processing DIY workbench.

What is Bridge in Animal Crossing?

bridge crafting recipe

There is no need to give the definition of the bridge, It’s just a component of the game. Craft something to get a bridge. We discover it before.

It is costly while building the bridge in Animal Crossing. If you are following the method given in this article then you can able to construct a bridge.

You just need to craft something to make the bridge, You can get the recipe above.

You can use the bridge while crossing a river or island, put it between the island or river to cross it. Just craft and explore.

Bridge List in Animal Crossing

There are lots of bridges in Animal Crossing you have to choose the right one for yours. You can see the bridges with their price below.

  1. Log Bridge – 98,000
  2. Suspension Bridge – 129,800
  3. Wooden Bridge – 168,000
  4. Stone Bridge – 168,000
  5. Brick Bridge – 198,000
  6. Red Zen Bridge – 228,000
  7. Zen Bridge – 228,000
  8. Iron Bridge – 228,000

You just discover about the Log Stakes, we tried to solve every doubt. If you are facing any issues then ask anything related to this game then you can comment below.

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