How to Complete The Long Drop Treasure Hunt

complete guide to long drop treasure hunt

Far Cry 6 is the best adventure game, It will increase your gaming experience by adding new treasure hunts. Today, We discuss a complete guide about Long Drop Treasure Hunt.

The Long Drop treasure hunt is located in La Hoya region of Yara. It will start right after you read a note at the treasure hunt location.

You’ll find every detail about completing this treasure hunt within this article.

Long Drop Treasure Hunt

First of all the Long Drop treasure hunt basically a mission that will reward you with a special surprise. Let’s start from the beginning.

Dam workers have been instructed to store all of their military gear on-site by Regime soldiers. Find the place where all the equipment has been hidden.

Treasure Hunt The Long Drop treasure hunt
Region El Este
Sub-Region La Joya
Surprise Excavation Execution (Shotgun)
XP 150 Guerrilla XP

The Long Drop treasure hunt is located at La Joya. La Joya is basically a subpart of the El Este region. This treasure hunt is located at a dam.

Like every treasure hunt, It is very easy to complete. Here I posted an image about the location of Long Drop in La Joya.

long drop location

You must rush through the northern section of the Santos Espinosa Dam. Don’t worry because I think you can understand it from the above image.

As you reach the dam, you will find a note stuck in the post-box. By reading this note, your Long Drop treasure hunt will start. You can see the broken bridge or dam behind you.

Now go down the stairs. As soon as you go forward, you will hear the yell of a man. A worker is hanging from a broken bridge. He will fall down when you reach him.

If you see upon you then you will find a rope, Go forward by using a rope. Now, go to the control room. But there is a problem because it’s locked by workers.

Now it’s time to break the lock, find a window to shoot on the lock. Climb up to the backside of the control room, You’ll find a window there.

You have to locate the gun on lock and shoot at it. Now, It’s open for you to get back to the door and enter the room.

First, You’ve to shoot the CCTV Camera in front of you. Now, You have to perform some correct instructions given below.

As you enter in control panel, The first switch is yellow color sluice control. It is placed at the right of you near of a calendar. Activate it by pressing the red button on it.

sluice control

The second switch to activate is located in the center of the control room and right behind you. You’ll find a fan upon it. It is basically a hydraulic monitoring machine. Press the button on side of the machine.

hydrulic monitoring machine

The third task to do is turn the pressure valve. You’ll find the yellow pressure valve on the side of the control room. Go there and turn the valve.

pressure valve

The last thing to do is press the button on the main console of the dam. You will find it in a small room behind you. You will find a note also with a set of instructions.

main console

After completing the four tasks, The dam is now open to you. You can easily grab the key from the worker who was fell down from the broken bridge.

Go towards the broken bridge, Step down with the help of rope hanging upon you. You will find the worker dead there, Grab the key from him.

Now it’s time to go back to the starting point of the Long Drop treasure hunt. You can go there by climbing up the broken bridge with a grapple point.

You can now enter the shed by key. You will find your reward there.

Long Drop Treasure Hunt Reward

long drop treasure hunt reward

Hurray! You are rewarded by the Excavation Execution (shotgun). You will also get 150 Guerrilla XP from there. Your treasure hunt is complete now.

The Excavation Execution is a very powerful shotgun. It has ranked 3 in the shotguns category.

Hey, You just read a complete article on the Long Drop treasure hunt. I’m sure you’ll get perfect information about it. If you are facing any issues with it then let us know in the comment section.

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