How to Build a Mansion in Minecraft – With Complete Steps

How to build a mansion in minecraft

You definitely see a large wooden mansion if you are a Minecraft freak. It is found in the Dark forest hills biomes. Some of you love to build them but are unaware of the proper building process. If you are seeking a guide on how to build a Minecraft mansion then you are at the right place.

Here I will uncover all the crucial steps in building a Minecraft mansion. It will be fantastic fun. Moreover, players can easily build their mansions. Also, they can customize the same as per the need.

What are the lists of materials you need?

  • Quartz blocks -778
  • Quartz Slabs – 448
  • Gray Concrete – 292
  • Oak Planks – 448
  • Black Stained Glass Panes – 151
  • Stone Blocks – 99
  • Oak slabs – 52
  • Leaves – 82
  • Flower Pots – 16
  • Quartz Stairs – 12

What is the dimension of a modern Mansion?

The modern mansion dimension will be 25 blocks long, 16 blocks are tall and 20 blocks wide. It is always better to know the area of an appropriate size. It helps in preventing issues in the future. 

Step by step Guide on How to build a modern mansion in Minecraft 

The initial step to build a huge mansion is placing down 4 x 7 long L shapes of Grey concrete. Now you have to put four concrete boxes on the diagonal from the left, off the end of the long side.

Here we are assembling the quartz base foundation. The dimension of this specific base is 9 blocks long 20 blocks wide.

20*20 box minecraft

Also, to the left side, create a mirrored section. Now place 10 additional blocks vertically to create walls on top. The final design will look like this –

mansion in minecraft

In the further step can do flooring between the two walls. It will cover the grass areas with Quartz blocks. Put oak plants from the fourth block up to the walls to create the next floor. Mind it sure; it should be considered once you finish with flooring. Now create another floor by placing the quartz blocks layer above the oak plants.

Minecraft mansion

Fill the gaps between the front and back portion with integration oak plants going up top. This will help you in building Minecraft mansion modern. It should be finished from the last concrete wall from the left. Now, after that, do three more columns like the one below.

Minecraft mansion

The next will be adding the black stained glass panes next to each pair of the column. Place the glass panes and oak walls.

To fill all the gaps, you can widen the walls for both the front and back sides. Now connect them across the roof. The next will be using a block of quartz for building the balcony. The glass panes added will create a balcony railing. Create the doors on the back and front of the house.

Minecraft mansion

The next turn is building a road. For that, you need to place quartz slabs on the top. Use quartz blocks to build a staircase. As you move back, there is a need to increase with one block. Now go three blocks towards your left and then mirror the same look. Follow it properly to build a Minecraft mansion.

Minecraft mansion

Add oak slabs between them to create steps. You should start from the below and gradually move up. To create a longer walkway, use quartz slabs and extend the back of the staircase.   

Minecraft mansion

To give the final touch, you need to follow the exact steps for the right side of the house. The use of Red tulips is to decorate the staircase. At last, you have successfully built your new mansion in Minecraft.

Minecraft mansion


Question: How do I make a big mansion in Minecraft step by step?

Answer: You can see in the above article there is a step by step information about everything related to the mansion. You just have to follow the proper guide.

Question: How many types of mansions I can build in Minecraft?

Answer: There are lots of types of mansions that you can build in Minecraft, you just have to gather the essential things to build a beautiful mansion as your need.

Wrapping up

So far, we have shared all the detailed steps on how to build a Minecraft mansion. It’s not so difficult and full of fun that you would enjoy doing. Don’t forget to share your comments and disclose your thoughts.

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