February 24, 2024

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Despite Hogwarts Legacy’s successful launch, the game hasn’t necessarily received any major updates to prolong the magical experience. Even the PlayStation-exclusive Haunted HogsmeadeQuest had not set a release date for any other platforms. However, it appears that things may be changing now with a recent announcement.

Hogwarts Legacy Twitter/X has announced that new updates will be released this year to celebrate the first anniversary of the game. This has led fans to believe that the long-awaited DLC will be a part of these future patches, along with other desires they’ve wanted in-game.

The big question on everyone’s mind is whether QuidditchIt will be finally playable. But we are at the very least getting a Standalone multiplayer if it doesn’t pan out in updates.

Many Harry Potter players have speculated about DLC alternatives. One idea is to see more iconic places like Diagon Alley and Azkaban. Even if we did get a glimpse of the impenetrable prison, it was only reserved for the Hufflepuff students’ storyline. It also wasn’t that long of a quest to begin with, so a DLC could open the door to much more.

When will the New Hogwarts Legacy DLC release?

A new Hogwarts Legacy DLC may arrive in 2019. based on the hint from Avalanche Software’s announcement. Yet, it isn’t entirely clear if the upcoming updates will include an expansion.

We know that the PlayStation-exclusive mission, Minding Your Own BusinessThis summer,. will be available on other platforms. This means that devices such as PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox can play this horror-inspired quest in Hogsmeade.

Having played it myself, I would suggest prepping your character beforehand to match with the enemy’s rank. I would also tell you to be prepared for a terrifying experience, because I learned the hard way that I played late at night.

Another DLC could be released to coincide with Halloween. A summer expansion is worth it if it happens sooner. Rockstar Bully’sEndless Summer Saga.

The add-on could probably go anywhere with how extensive the Harry Potter universe is, and we’ll continue to hold onto the hope of it being Quidditch-based.

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