How to Complete High Stakes Treasure Map in Red Dead Redemption 2

High Stakes Treasure Map

I’m tired because I have no money in Red Dead Redemption 2. I think you also face this problem. I felt guilty after buying anything from RDR2.

There is a simple & short way to increase your assets & money. Yes, today we are going to reveal a treasure hunt that makes you rich.

The High Stakes Treasure Maps is the best option to increase your virtual money in RDR2. In this article, you will find every single detail about this treasure hunt.

You will be granted to complete High Stake Treasure Hunt after reaching chapter 3 of the Red Dead Redemption 2.

You won’t be able to say that this is a boring mission because it is full of adventure. You will explore new places and those are interconnected to complete this mission.

What is High Stakes Treasure Maps?

Mission, there are lots of missions and treasure hunts in RDR2. The Hight Stakes treasure map is one of them. You will be rewarded with something special if you complete it.

You definitely complete this mission because you will get every single detail from this article.

Mission High Stakes Treasure Hunt
Reward 3x Gold Bars ($500 each)
Requirements  Complete “The New South”(chapter 3)

There are three maps in this mission, find one by one to get the reward. When you start this mission you will get map 1. After completing it there is map 2.

Anyway, don’t worry about it because I write separately about every map below. Just read with peace and do your mission.

Things To Know About High Stakes Treasure Hunt

  • I’ve heard from many sources that killing Treasure hunter is bad for the mission and you will be lost the mission. This is all fake, there are no changes if you kill him.
  • There are four treasure maps, not three. The first three maps are just a clue to reach towards the fourth one.
  • The actual treasure hunt is located on the fourth map, which has 3 gold plates.

You will get the three gold plates from this mission, You can trade them at the fence. It will give you lots of money. Let’s understand with the help of map images.

How to Complete High Stakes Treasure Hunt?

First, you have to complete chapter 3 “The New South” in Red Dead Redemption 2. If you already completed this chapter then don’t worry.

You just have to find a treasure hunter and steal the High Stakes treasure hunt map from him. Here is the image of the map.

How to Start High Stakes Treasure Map

find treasure hunter stranger map location

You will find a treasure hunter at these places,  The biggest circle is where he used to wander frequently. When you reach there you will find a stranger.

He will be spectating with his binoculars on a big mount rock. When you reach there he will try to rush out from there. Stop him and steal the treasure hunt map from him.

If he rushes away and you can’t catch him then do not worry try after some days, He will spawn at those places on the map.

You don’t have to go him away. Just push him down and tie him with a lasso. He will beg you to go but don’t do that and steal a treasure hunt map from his back.

React quickly otherwise he will escape. After grabbing the map from the hunter, open the map. The first map location will be the “Cumberland Falls”.

Let’s look at every map in detail.

High Stakes Treasure Map 1 Details & Location

high stake treasure map 1 location

You will find the next clue for the treasure hunt from “Cumberland Falls”. It is located at the west of the Wallace Station in RDR2.

Walk right and front of the waterfall. There is a tiny entry from the road to the cliff and waterfall. Step down and move towards the waterfall.

Remember one thing that you won’t skip any step because every part is interconnected. After reaching at the waterfall you have to go behind it.

When you reach there to climb a tiny rock and then there is a small cave. Go there. There is a paper on that rock pick up it and open it.

Great! you find the High Stakes Treasure Map 2.

High Stakes Treasure Map 2 Details & Location

high stake treasure map 2 location

This map will look like the Barrow Lagoon in Red Dead Redemption 2. I think you know where is the Borrow Lagoon located.

It is placed in the Ambarino region, north of Grizzlies West. After reaching there, find a bridge of a dead tree. Go to the ice rock and move forward.

That joining two rocks. Walk there and in between, you will see a hole in the pole. Push down yourself. Collect the other map.

You are really Awesome!

High Stakes Treasure Map 3 Details & Location

high stake treasure map 3 location

You are unstoppable, Its sounds like you got High Stakes Tresure Map 3. It is the last location or place to explore because the treasure hunt is ready to give you a reward.

Our last location is placed southwest of Bacchus Station and northwest of Fort Wallace. The above three maps are just hinted at to find this final map.

The fourth map will give a reward with a great gold plate. This map or place is a little bit hard to perform because you have to find it in rocks.

You can see the perfect location on the map in the above image. If you remember the Bacchus Station Rock Carving then you just have to follow that path.

Where you find a carving like given in the below image. Go slowly by there, It is a dangerous path to keep going slowly.

rock carving at high stake tresure hunt

If you move a little bit forward then you will see that path is over, don’t worry you have to jump down. Keep going until you find a hanging rock upon you.

The High Stakes treasure hunt is in the rock, You can go under it and collect your 3 gold bars as a reward to complete it.

As I stated above that you can trade these three gold bars. You can trade at the Fence for $500 for each bar.

That is all about the High Stakes Treasure Hunt, hope you understand everything. If you have any doubt in your mind then let us know in the comment section. We will help you.

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