FR Legends Livery Codes [Get Premium Cars Mods & Unlimited Money]

FR Legends Livery Codes

Are you interested in finding the right FR Legends livery codes? then you are at the right place. Keep on reading this article as we will explain the game, give you a list of codes, and will tell you about using them.

The FR Legends mobile racing game is extremely popular. On 26 September 2018, FR Racing was released. The game features realistic drifting physics and 3D graphics.

There is a lot to enjoy in this game. As well as racing, FR Legends features stunts like handbraking and drifting. A variety of game modes and challenges are included in the game.

Various items and skills can also be found to improve your car’s performance.

You can purchase new parts for your car in this game. The automobile body and windows can be customized with colors, text, stickers, and other elements. To customize your vehicle, you should use livery codes.

FR Legends Livery Codes

After you receive the codes, you can use them to unlock new liveries for your car. Through the use of codes, players can customize the look of their cars using a variety of skin models.

You can customize your car to give it a new look. To unlock new liveries and rewards, you can redeem FR Legends livery codes. The game includes these codes, which are free to use. You can play with a new livery as soon as you enter them in the Livery Editor menu.

  • 000200000000045E039D0000F0CE00FF0001
  • 0002FC2DFBF4006400640000000000FF0000
  • 0002015D0000001E01020000000000FF0000
  • 0002FD5B012A0041005F005A000000FF0004
  • 0002FDD40113004100210054F0EEE2FF0004
  • 0002FCFC019C0041004A0065F0EEE2FF0004
  • 0016FCF1011600280053FFFCF0EEE2FF0004
  • 000202C3FFFD0066000F005A000000FF0001
  • 0003FD8E011A000F000F0055424242FF0004
  • 0003FD8E011A000C000C0055E06B08FF0004
  • 020EFD8E011A000500050055A44B00FF0004
  • 020EFD8E011A00050005002D5D3E24FF0004
  • 0002FB9E000001AF0064005A000000FF0000
  • 0002FBB301DE00CC0064004A000000FF0004
  • 0003FBC0000000D50064005A000000FF0000
  • 0008FC3801060017000D0056000000FF0004
  • 0008FC3B012C0017000D0056000000FF0004
  • 0017FC9A019B0018004AFFD3000000FF0004
  • 0017FC7901B2001E0072FFD6000000FF0004
  • 0FA5006200C6FFDB0025005A6E5E00FF0605
  • 0FA50377FFDFFFF60064FF4C6E5E00FF0301
  • 0FA5FC7E001B0008006C00B46E5E00FF0301
  • 0FA5FCCF00000008FF8D00005D5000FF0301
  • 0FA5FFD90356FFF4009BFFA66E5E00FF0305
  • 0003FDD4030D0054007A005A4A4A4AFF0304
  • 0FA5FED202C500150075FFA66E5E00FF0005
  • 0003FDD4030C004C0080005AF0EEE2FF0004
  • 0002FD090325001C00090000000000FF0004
  • 000202B00325002000090000000000FF0004
  • 000202B00325001B00070000FF0029FF0004
  • 0002FD090325001800070000D97700FF0004
  • 000202E7000000400021FFA6000000FF0000
  • 000202E70000003C001FFFA6FFFFFFFF0000
  • 0002000102F90005000B00117E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002001602EC0016000300007E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002001C02F9000E000300007E7E7EFF0004
  • 0007003202F20006000C00007E7E7EFF0004
  • 0016003602F2FFF6000800007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200170300000C000300147E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002004B03040024000300007E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002006B02EC0014000300007E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002007002F80016000300007E7E7EFF0004
  • 001D004A02F80006000300007E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002005102F80005000B00147E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002009202F2000A0003FFE27E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200D702EC0031000300007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200B102F90003000B00117E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002009702FF0003000900117E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200C802FF0003000900117E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200B102F80013000300007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200A803010009000200007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200BE03010007000200007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200A603080009000200007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200BE03080007000200007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200D902F40003000500117E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002010A02F40003000500117E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200F402E60003000500117E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200F102F6000E000100007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200F002FC000E000100007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200E102F90002000400117E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200FF02F90002000400117E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200EE03000003000200007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200EC03040013000100007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200EA030A0013000100007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200D703060002000400117E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002010303060002000400117E7E7EFF0004
  • 0409FFB30379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 0409FFCC0379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 0409FFE60379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 00520121030800AA00BA0076F1CE00FF0005
  • 040800080379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 00460141021B0025FFDEFF8A000000FF0005
  • 0401002F0379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 040200490379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 040600640379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 03F500890379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 040100A40379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 03FC00C60379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 040200DE0379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 03F902550282001C001E00027E7E7EFF0004
  • 0FA5023A02C5000E0029FFA86E5E00FF0005
  • 0404026E0282001C001E00027E7E7EFF0004
  • 03F702870282001C001E00027E7E7EFF0004
  • 03F602A00282001C001E00027E7E7EFF0004
  • 03F602B90282001C001E00027E7E7EFF0004
  • 040B02D20282001C001E00027E7E7EFF0004
  • 0DB0FED202A7001B00150000000000C80004
  • 0DB0029AFF14001B0015FFA6000000C80004
  • 07F4FEBE02D7001500150000363636FF0004
  • 07F2FEBF02FB000B000B0000373737FF0004
  • 07E0FEBF0338001400140000373737FF0004
  • 07D2FEBF0353001400140000373737FF0004
  • 0DB0FD190305001700130000000000C80004
  • 09DA02A202E2001700130000747373FF0004
  • 0404FD9DFF610041004F005A7E7E7EFF0000
  • 03F7FD9DFF9B0041004F005A7E7E7EFF0000
  • 0405FD89FFCA002C0026005A7E7E7EFF0000
  • 0407FD89FFF2002C0026005A7E7E7EFF0000
  • 0402FD89001B002C0026005A7E7E7EFF0000
  • 03F7FD890045002C0026005A7E7E7EFF0000
  • 0404FD89006D002C0026005A7E7E7EFF0000
  • 03F9FD9D00A00041004F005A7E7E7EFF0000
  • 000201340215001E0008003F000000FF0005
  • 000203A4032D00E700010000000000890004
  • 0FA500A70216001C004F01C06E5E00FF0605
  • 000300E202170043003D0000000000FF0005
  • 000301170242002F00200000000000FF0005
  • 0053007E01E2009000540000000000FF0005
  • 0FA5FF03038D0005008EFFA6000000FF0005
  • 0002FFCB03AB0005012A005A000000FF0005
  • 002E01EC0246001200120000000000FF0005
  • 002E018C01FF002600160036000000FF0005
  • 0047FFCC03A100EB001D0000000000FF0001
  • 0002FC18FFCB01E10019005A000000FF0001
  • 0048FC610000021B0013005A6C6012A70001
  • 0002033F0271003F0004FFE3000000FF0005
  • 004702B80000018DFFD1FFA6000000FF0001
  • 00470316010D0083FFE2FFA6000000FF0005
  • 0003030902C1002E0026FFB6000000FF0005
  • 00520384000000790024005A6A5B00FF0001
  • 001502EE00000014000DFFA63A3A3AFF0003
  • 001502ED00000014000DFFA6989898FF0003
  • 001502EC0000000F0009FFA6F0CE00FF0003
  • 002F02F300670015000D000B000000FF0005

However, if the codes are not working as they might be for a specific period then you can just wait for the next livery codes to come so that you can play the game with a new customized look.

If you are facing any kind of trouble with the codes and they are either not responding well or when you enter them say the codes has been expired, then comment below this article we are here to help you.

Where to find more FR Legends livery codes?

There are different platforms which are offering the FR Legends livery codes, such as social media places. However, you can get all the codes from our page through our articles and can add them to the game.

We upload and upgrade our codes list on regular basis so if you think some of the codes are expired, then wait as the new list will be uploaded soon and you can customize and upgrade your car then.

You can also read other articles like Rodeo Stampede Codes 2022Summoner’s Greed Codes and Angry Birds 2 Promo Codes.

How to use FR Legends cheat codes?

These codes are very useful when you want to grab cars like the skyline, rx7, s13, s15, supra, BMW, Mustang and many more that you have never seen before.

You can also make your custom skins by using third-party tools, Find them on the internet to get your custom skin.

There are some easy steps to follow while redeeming these livery codes in your game. Just follow the below steps to get your favorite car and car skins.

  1. Download and Open the “FR Legends”.
  2. Find “Settings” or “Menu”.
  3. You will see the “Redeem Livery Code” option there, Just click on it.
  4. Copy code from here and paste there into the text box.
  5. Tap on the “Redeem” button.
  6. Enjoy your reward.

You can share these livery codes with your friends so that they can also redeem these codes and get free cars and skins for the FR Legends.

FAQs About FR Legends livery codes

1. What do FR legends stand for?

You can drive FR (front-engine, rear-wheel-drive) drift cars on historic circuits or personalize your car with engine swaps and wide-body modifications.

2. What car is S15 in FR Legends?

The Nissan Silvia S15 is the S-Chassis Series final version.  The car came between 1999-2002 and in the game comes with a stock S20B engine.

3. Is there any age limit for the game?

No, there is no age limit required for the game as people of all ages can play this car racing game anytime they want.

4. Who is the publisher of the FR racing game? 

Feng Li, TWIN TURBO TECH CO. LTD is the publisher of the FR racing game.

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I’m sure that you got something by redeeming these FR Legends livery codes 2022, Share these because they can be used once after some time they get expired and become useless.

Getting Lamborghini is not a difficult task for you once you got these cheat codes. It depends on your luck and what you will get from these cheats and livery codes.

If you are facing any issues while redeeming these codes then let us know in the comment section. We will help you as soon as possible.

Happy Gaming!

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