Find A Lot of Pearls In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to find pearl in Animal Crossing

Let me explain the uses of pearls before finding them. The main advantage of having pearls is you can use them as a crafting material.

Moreover, you can sell them to Timmy and Tommy. You will get a great price of selling it, you can get approx 10,000 bells. But my advice is that they are rare so don’t sell them.

There are many places in Animal Crossing where you can find pearls. You just have to do some tasks in order to find them.

You can also decorate your home or island with it. So the main purpose to find pearls is that they are very important to us in-game.

In the latest game version, you can diving in the sea which means you can now explore the sea. It is great that you will find new things.

Explore Sea to Find Pearls

wetsuit in animal crossing

You can’t find pearls at the seashore or anywhere else, you have to dive in the sea. Don’t worry there are lots of ways to find pearls.

You know that they are very rare sometimes it is difficult to find, it depends on your luck also. But you can’t give up, right?

Everyone says that pearls are very difficult to find. They are right because they are located at the bottom level of the sea. So dive in.

As I stated above that the new update has a feature that you can dive and swim in the sea. Read below for the needy things to swim in.

First, you need a ‘wetsuit’ if you don’t have one then you can buy it from the cabinet in Nook’s Cranny. The wetsuit will cost you 3,000 Bells.

You will find that there are many wetsuits with different designs, you can choose the best for you. Got your wetsuit? great.

wetsuit images animal crossing

After getting your wetsuit, just swim or dive in the ocean. Explore the sea for some time.

When you swim and see that some bubbles are coming up from bottom to top, then that’s the place we have to explore.

You will see the underwater shadow, Press Y from your keyboard to dive in. You will get creatures from the bottom when you dive in.

Pearl’s shadow is very small to see. Its bubble is also in a different pattern. Also, one thing is that they are very small and don’t move from one place.

We’ve found the pearl at the place where low bubbles arise. Find it so that you can find pearls easily.

The other way is Pascal, He is a newly arrived character he will see once a day. He will gift you a pearl not sure but you will get some rewards.

pascals images animal crossing

Now the question is how to met with Pascal, so there is simple thing that you have to find Scallop. When you find Scallop, he will talk to you.

You can exchange the Scallop with Pascal, you will easily get something else for it. People says that Pascal seen sometime when you get Scallop.

Tip: Empty your pocket so you can get back as much as sea creature in your pocket.

Just swim without the way, moreover, look for slow bubbles so you can reach the pearl and craft it later.

What After Finding A Lot of Pearls?

You can do more things after you successfully find pearls the several ways to use pearl are listed below. You go through these ways.

As a Crafting Material

You can use the pearl in many ways one of the best ways is to craft the pearl for a specific purpose. You can craft it for the Mermaid Series of furniture.

You will find 14 unique mermaid items while crafting for it.

Trade & Get Bells

The finest way is to sell your pearls but I suggest that it’s not worth it for you. You can sell it for 10,000 bells, but you can do more things with pearls and they are very rare.

Design Your Island or Home

The pearls are used to decorate your home and island, you can use those in decoration so it can catch everyone’s attention while visiting.

So recently you read the whole article about how to find the pearls in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, If you are facing any issues with it then just comment below we will be sorted out it.

Happy Gaming!

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