February 24, 2024

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Survival games are a big hit with players in what some call the next Battle Royale trend. PalworldSteam’s launch in late January broke a lot of records. Enshrouded — a new survival ARPG from Keen Games — is also capturing a lot of attention as well. It even Reach 1 Million PlayersIt is impressive that the game has been able to reach this milestone just four days following its Early Access release.

You will need to collect a lot materials to craft the various items in the game. Enshrouded, like many other survival-style games, doesn’t tell you where or how to find the materials. Metal Scraps is a valuable resource, but if you aren’t sure how to obtain it, then this guide is for you. 

How to find metal scraps in Enshrouded

Break pots and barrels if you want to find Metal Scraps.  (Image credit: Future)

Metal Scraps Enshrouded You’ll need metal items to loot in the world, or the corpses from enemies. If you come across something that appears to be made of or contain metal, try to loot or dig it up with a pickaxe. You should find some Metal Scraps. Take advantage of the fact that the metal pods you found in the Cinder Vault at the start of your game will give Metal Scraps if they are broken with a Pickaxe. You can also get Metal Scraps by breaking barrels, pots and other containers.

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