Egg Inc Cheats, Golden Egg, Tricks & Chicks [Latest 2023]

Egg Inc Cheats

Egg Inc. is an idle clicker game by Auxbrain which enables you to start your egg farm from scratch and become a billionaire in no time. Here you will get Egg Inc cheats.

Your profit comes from eggs, and you can invest the profit back into the farm to evolve it into an empire. There are hen copes of all sizes and shapes, and you can upgrade them with money.

This will increase the egg-laying speed of hens, and they can store more hens. New technologies are also available that you can unlock to increase hen hatching speed, egg-laying speed, vehicle speed, the value of eggs, etc.

As you already know that Egg Inc. is a clicker game, so keep in mind that you will click a lot.

You need to make a strategy and do a lot of hard work to become a successful egg farm owner. Beginners make some mistakes at the start of the game, and they have to face difficulties later.

This article features Egg Inc. cheats and tips to help you make the right decision. Below are some tips to increase egg production.

Egg Inc Cheats

Below are some cheats that you can try if you are stuck on an egg and don’t have money to upgrade your farm or do some research.

Use the time trick (Egg Inc Cheats 2022)

Another reason to avoid wasting golden eggs on time boosters is that you can enjoy the same effect without spending any resources. Sometime it is called time cheats.

If you change the time on your mobile phone and log in to the game again, you can receive rewards based on how much time you have increased on the clock. This is a simple cheat that doesn’t require too much knowledge and can help you get a pretty handsome amount in no time.

Use Third-Party tapping App

Tapping is very important in the game because you can earn more money by hatching hens. Tapping too many times on the big red button isn’t possible,so the best approach is to use a third-party tapping app.

These apps automatically touch the screen after the desired time. You have to choose the spot and time interval between two touches to start it.

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Learn the Basics of the game

Tapping is important, but success requires much more than that. If you understand the basics, you can manage your resources well and upgrade necessary items only.

You have to tap on the big red button with the chicken icon at the bottom of the screen to start sending chickens to coops. The hatchery runs out of chickens and will need a few minutes to refill.

Research can increase the capacity of the hatchery. You should work on unlocking silos in the game, as they will help you earn while you stay offline.

Complete missions

There is a separate checklist to help you check your missions and complete them for rewards. These rewards include premium currency.

You should avoid upgrading items or doing research at the start of the game because sometimes missions like these are also available. You can upgrade them when there are missions available to get rewards.

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Focus on Research

Doing research comes with benefits, but it is quite expensive. There is a long list of research options available in the game, and you should focus on research that will increase your revenue. Make a strategy and learn about the benefits of all the available research.

You have to unlock new research by doing a specific number of previous researches. Research is divided into various tiers based on its importance. Internal hatcheries, bigger eggs, padded packaging, lab upgrade, hold to upgrade, silo quality, and soul good are some important researches that you should focus on.

Destroy Drones

You will see a drone flying over your farm from time to time, and you can catch them by tapping on them. When you catch a drone, they will drop a bonus depending on how many chickens you have on your farm.

More chickens mean better rewards. Rewards from drones start to get better as you progress through the game. You will also see bonus icons on the screen every once in a while; tap on them for random bonuses.

Invest In a Piggy Bank

The piggy bank is the best option to invest your money if you are a pay-to-play player. Although there are some other options available in the game, this is the best value for money.

When you play the game and earn golden eggs, the piggy bank collects them. As you earn more money, it stores more golden eggs, and you will end up with a large number of eggs in the bank. When you prestige, you lose all the golden eggs in your bag but not in your piggy bank.

Upgrade Eggs

There are more than nine different eggs available in the game, and you can upgrade from the current egg to the next egg when your farm reaches a certain value.

The price of eggs goes up as you upgrade them, so advanced eggs will result in better revenue in a short time. The only bad thing about this up-gradation is that your farm will reset, and you have to install structures from the start. Below is the price of each egg, along with the farm value requirement.

  • Edible – It costs $0.25 only and is the basic egg-type, so there is no farm value requirement.
  • Superfood – It costs $1.25 and requires 67,000,000 farm value to upgrade the farm.
  • Medical – It costs$6.25 and requires a 5.1 Billion farm value to upgrade the farm.
  • Rocket Fuel – It costs $30 and requires 230 Billion in farm value to upgrade the farm.
  • Super Material – It costs $150 and requires 150 Trillion in farm value to upgrade the farm
  • Fusion – It costs $700 and requires 45 Quadrillion farm value to upgrade the farm.
  • Quantum – It costs $3,000 and requires 20 quintillion farm value to upgrade the farm.
  • Immortality – It costs $12,500 and requires 80 Sextillion farm value to upgrade the farm.
  • Tachyon –It costs 50,000 and requires 130 Septillion farm value to upgrade the farm.

Don’t waste money on Boosts

You can purchase time boosters to quickly earn some money and use them for upgrades. These time boosters work based on the current level of your egg farm.

Time boosters can fast forward your farm for one hour, eight hours, or thirty seconds based on how much money you spend. The biggest reason why you should avoid them is that they require golden eggs and golden eggs are very rare in the game. Pro players advise you to save them for long-term goals.

How to enter cheat codes in Egg Inc?

If you read this article then you can understand that the cheats are the tricks of the game that you can apply it on your gameplay.

Just share these tricks and tips with your friends so that thwy can also improve gameplay and get better result then before.

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I know that you read all the tricks about getting Egg Inc cheats 2022, You can shar it with your friends. If you are facing any issues while applying these cheats then let us know in the comment section.

Happy Gaming!

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