Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt – Far Cry 6

Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt

Today we are going to discover every single detail about the Crocodile Tears treasure hunt in Far Cry 6. It seems easy to complete, just read the guide.

We all know that Far Cry 6 has lots of treasure hunts, you can earn the best rewards and prizes by completing them. Who wants to increase in-game money, can try it.

Every treasure hunt has the same funda of solving it. You just have to do some simple tasks & puzzles to complete them.

Basically, there are lots of treasure hunts in Fra Cry 6 you have to choose right on for you. You will find every treasure hunt guide on the internet.

Before starting the guide or treasure hunt we have to find the treasure hunt. So below is the location detail of this treasure hunt.

Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt Location

Crocodile Tears treasure hunt location

The region of this treasure hunt is Madrugada, It is located in Madrugada. If we see about the exact location or sub-region then it is Aguas Lindas.

It is located on the left corner of the Aguas Lindas. You can see in the above image the perfect location, just see the purple diamond on this map.

When Dani is there at the treasure hunt location, there is a mailbox and a note there. Just read the note and start the treasure hunt.

Now the main thing is that we’ve to reach the treasure hunt reward. Below is the complete walkthrough of this treasure hunt.

Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt Guide or Walkthrough

After reading the whole note, you will little bit understand about the treasure hunt but not much. I will describe it in detail.

So when you reach there and read that note there is a wooden house. Near this note box, you will notice a wooden staircase near you.

Go upward through that ladder, by reaching at the top see on your right there is broken fence on corner. There is also some water behind it.

The main clue to finding that place is that there is a dead body in the fence. You just have to go there. Great you reach there.

key location in crocodile tears treasure hunt

Now we have to find the key to the reward room, where this treasure hunt reward is located. So first you will notice a room forward the dead body.

And yes, there is no door to this room. While you direct go in there is a crocodile, who is eagerly waiting for you to attack.

As soon as Dani reaches there, Crocodile will attack you. Just load the gun and shot it 3-4 times to finish it. Boom! you got the key.

Now the main task is to find the room, but it is not a tough task. Simple go back to the stair where you first climb.

Note: Basically, the dead body or the man is killed by a crocodile that’s why you have to go with precaution.

When you reach the same location upon stair you will see A mini windmill and a locked room in front of you. Go to the room.

reward room in crocodile tears treasure hunt

There are many options to reach room eight you can walk around or you can use the grapple hook and slide to the room.

The choice is yours but I preferred to go with grapple hook because there are lots of the other crocodiles below. They can harm your health.

The room can’t open without the key so if you don’t have then collect it from a crocodile. Now open the room with the key.

When you entered this room, there is a crate in front of you. Just open the crate and you will be rewarded with the treasure hunt reward.

Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt Reward

Crocodile Tears treasure hunt reward

Now the main thing about the reward that you will get by completing this treasure hunt. The reward is Surf & Turf Rifle.

It is super equipment that you can use in Far Cry 6, if you want other rewards like this then you can try different treasure hunts. You will get them on our website with a solution.

I believe that you completed this treasure hunt, if no then comment us below for the query we will resolve for you. Visit frequently.

Happy Gaming!

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