February 24, 2024
Create images

We have introduced ImageGenerator Powered by AI, your web copilot. It provides better search results, complete responses, chat functionality, and content creation. Over 100 million chats have revolutionized the way people search. Chat has been used by people in many different ways. From refining complex answers for questions to being a resource of inspiration or entertainment. Bing chat will be updated with visuals.

We are pleased to announce that Bing Image Creator, new AI-powered Visual Stories, and an updated Knowledge Card will be added to the new Bing Preview. Bing Image Creator powered by an advanced DALLE version from our OpenAI Partners allows you to create pictures by simply using your own words to describe what it is you want to be able to see. You can now create written and visual rich content using chat.

The brain processes visual data at 60,000 times the speed of audio data. Text. This makes AI Art tools a very important way for people search, create and gain information. According to Bing, images are the most popular category of searches after general web search. Images already on the Internet were used in the past to search for. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Bing Image creator is integrated into Bing Chat for those who have Bing Preview. It will launch first in Creative mode. Image Creator allows you create an image using a description, context (such as location or activity) and art style. This is your own personal creative copilot. Use “create an Image”, “draw an Image”, or “draw a picture” as a prompt in chat to create an image that can be used to create a visual, such as for a new look of your living room or a newsletter you send to friends.

Microsoft Edge now includes Bing Image Creator Preview as the only browser with an AI-powered image generator. Edge now includes Bing Image creator. Bing Image Creator can be accessed by clicking the Bing Image Creator icon in the sidebar, or using Bing Chat.

Microsoft’s teams are following the Responsible AI standard, as well our Responsible AI Principles. This allows them develop and deploy AI systems responsibly. OpenAI has been working with us to create a new experience for Image Creator which promotes responsible use. Image Creator has been enhanced with OpenAI safety features and additional protections. We have implemented controls to limit the creation and use of images that are harmful or unsafe. When it detects an image that could be harmful, our system blocks the prompt. It warns users. To make it more obvious that Image Creator Images are created by AI we also include a modified Bing Icon at the lower-left corner of every Image. OpenAI is a partner that we continue to work closely with in the development, testing, and review of mitigations.

We have been experimenting with the new Bing to get feedback from users and learn about how to improve it. Some people used the app in a way we expected and others in a way we didn’t. Bing Image Creator will be launched gradually to allow us to learn, and continue developing new capabilities responsibly. First, we will test the tool with a small number of users who are enrolled in the preview program. Image Creator is available initially in Bing’s Creative chat mode. We plan to extend its availability to the Balanced, Precise and Precision modes over time. Image Creator has been optimized for multi-turn chats. We still believe the best way to bring these technologies to market is to test them and evaluate in an open environment, where everyone can provide feedback.

New AI-Powered Visual Stories & Knowledge Cards

Stories and Knowledge Cards 2.0 is now available to all Bing users to meet the growing demand for visual search experiences. Stories provide a more engaging way to interact and search for content. They include videos and images. Knowledge Cards 2.0 is a new experience powered by AI for Bing users. It provides key facts and information at a glance. The updated version includes interactive and dynamic content like charts, graphs, and timelines. It also includes visual stories and other types visual storytelling. We’re working to make Bing Edge and Bing more interactive, fun, and useful.

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