Clash Royale Free Account [Latest & Working Id-Password 2023]

Clash Royale Free Accounts

Clash Royale is a battle game with many interesting features in it. You will get Clash Royale free account in this post with an email id and password. You can log in to your device.

If you want to play with a real player then you have to create an account on Clash Royale, without creating an account you can only play as a guest.

There are many interrupt while you playing as a guest. Nowadays Clash Royale banned many users’ accounts without any reason. This may be a bug in their system.

Clash Royale is a simulation game that let its players defend new challenges, strategies and victories. You can build your castle and troops to protect your castle.

The below accounts are manually created, There is not shortcut to creating multiple accounts at a time. We created it one by one just for you.

Clash Royale account generator may help you but that is an inappropriate way to do this. Instead of doing this, you can use fresh and active accounts with email and passwords.

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Clash Royale Free Accounts

We prefer not to use the account generate because it’s a bad sign to use it in your game. Your account may be banned by Clash Royale in the future. So, Be careful about it.

Accounts provided by us, Created manually by our team and there is no use of any kind of automated script. It is totally safe to use. You can get lots of rewards in these accounts.

Here is the list of rewards you get in these accounts.

  • Free gems.
  • There is a chance to win a royal pass.
  • Some accounts give you the Clash royale free mega knight emote.
  • You will also get some redeem codes.
  • Permanant chest reward.
  • Hundreds of free coins for trade.

Now it’s time to give away something. Yes, below are the Facebook accounts for Clash Royale. You can use them in your game to log in.

Clash Royale Facebook Account/Login

Below is the list of Facebook accounts that you can use in-game to log in to Facebook.

After downloading the CR game you have to open it. Then it asks you to login in, There are many options to log in like Facebook, Google, Email and many more social handles.

You can go to Facebook and use the below id and password to start the Clash Royale game.

Facebook id Passwords
+12163547758 clash5454345
+12163547758 royal0071234
+12163547758 clash1234
+12163547758 uslashroyale
+12163547758 001clash1234
+12163547758 Clashroy012
+12163547758 ClashroyusaL
+12163547758 clashroymrgan
+12163547758 nomcl1111
+12163547758 clashroy700

Free Clash Royale Account Email and Password

The second option to log in after Facebook is Google Gmail or email. There is an option to log in using the google account on your mobile.

If you don’t have a google account then you can type your mail address manually. To grab better and great rewards we have a list of accounts with email and passwords, You can use it to play better as a real player.

By accessing these accounts, You can get thousands of gems for your game. So without wasting time just copy the email and passwords from here.

Note: If these will not work for you then visit our site frequently because We constantly update these credentials when the password is changed or a new account arrived.

Email id Password clashroy. free clashroy379c1 clashroyyandex7 clashroy45free huh22clashroyz clashroypcc51 clashroyboom10 clashroymrgan nomclashroy clashroy700

So, You can use those accounts to play the Clash Royale game. You just have to log in with these credentials and you will grant access to play as a real player. Where you can save your game.

When you play this game without logging in and as a guest then you cannot save the game. You have to start from zero every time you play as a guest.

You can save or download this list for future use. But there is no need to do it because we update it on monthly or weekly bases. So just visit this site to get a new account with great rewards.

Bonus Accounts For Free 2022

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Wrapping Up

I’m sure that you got Clash Royale free accounts, If you face any issues while logging in or using these accounts then contact us or comment below. We are happy to help you and contact you as soon as possible.

Happy Gaming!

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