Chick’s Treasure Map in Red Dead Redemption 2

Chick's Treasure Map in RDR2

The shortest way to grab the greatest reward is a treasure map or hunts. You will solve it with an easy technique, here you will find Chick’s treasure map guide.

Like every treasure map, this also gives you a great reward in order to complete it. Just follow the path described below and you will be done.

Remind that you have to play with instructions because if you miss anything, it is impossible to complete the treasure map.

Note: You must have to complete the “Money Lending and Other Sins” mission in order to unlock Chick’s treasure map.

Red Dead Redemption 2 offers lots of treasure maps in it. You just have to solve it to get a reward and prizes.

Without wasting your time let’s back to the point. Here you will discover a walkthrough, location details, steps to perform and everything.

Where from the Chick’s Treasure Map Start?

chasing chick matthews

The first question in our mind about this mission is where to start? So first we have to find the person named Chick Matthews.

There are conditions to start the mission. First, complete the “Money Lending and Other Sins” mission. You will find this mission in chapter 2 of RDR2.

In that mission, you will see Chick Matthews in that mission. He has the Chick’s treasure map in his pocket. So first find him.

You can find Chick Matthews in the New Hanover region at a farmhouse. Right to the south of the “S” in New Hanover.

When you go to the place where Chick Matthews lives, you will find a stranger man sitting on a wooden bench. When you reach there Chick Matthews try to flee away from there.

Follow him and catch him with a lasso when you get down him, he will give you money. Steal Chick’s treasure map from him.

Chick’s Treasure Map Location

chicks treasure map location

When you found the treasure map from Chick Matthews, you will get a little clue about how to solve it. But you can’t find it because there is a big map in RDR2.

Basically, it is located near the Heartland Overflow and south of the Grizzlies East. Everything is easy in this treasure hunt but the difficulty is to find the exact tree to loot.

The tree is really massive you will find it on the map also. Just go to the place that is marked in the above image of the map.

Chick’s Treasure Map Guide or Walkthrough

tree map from chicks matthews

So now you got the Chick’s treasure map from Chick Matthews. It’s time to find the tree in the Chick’s treasure map.

The letter or map you got from Chick Matthews has some hand drawings with tree and something. It is a clue to reach there.

You have to look for a tree with a big hole in it. The hole stores a special reward for you. I will also post an image with the exact map location in this post.

You can follow the location that given in this map. You will see a red mark on the map image that is the exact location of that special tree.

The tree is very huge and you can see the hole simply from a little distance with your eyesight. You can see the tree photo below.

chicks treasure map tree location

After you reach the tree look for the hole in it. Look around the tree you will find it, just look into this and interact with the item in it.

By completing this treasure map you’ll get some cash and story progression. You will be rewarded with Chick’s Debt Money.

If yu want more and big rewards then you can try another treasure map in Red Dead Redemption 2. You can search for it on Youtube or Google.

FAQs About Chick’s Treasure Map

Question: Where can I find Chick Matthews?

Answer: You will find him in the new Hanover region at a farm house.

Question: How do I catch Chick Matthews?

Answer: When you see that Chick Matthews is fleeing away from the farm house, follow him and chase him. When you reach near him catch him with the lasso, he will break down from the horse.

I surely say that you found that tree and got your reward. If you are facing any issue within it then let us know in the comment section.

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