Cache Money Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6

Cache Money Treasure Hunt

To get the bigger and more special reward you have to complete treasure hunts in Far Cry 6. It will also increase your in-game money(XP).

Today, you will see every detail and guide about the Cache Money treasure hunt. Like Long Drop Treasure Hunt, this is also easy to complete.

In the end, you will be rewarded with some great things. Just for information, this treasure hunt is located in the Madrugada region.

Don’t worry you will find a specific guide about location below. The structure looks like a military base, there are many bunkers.

There are many treasure hunts in Far Cry 6, all will gives you a special reward or XP that you can use later. Every reward is legendary.

Treasure Hunt Name Cache Money
Region Madrugada
Sub-Region Aguas Lindas
Reward Sobek Special (Unique Sniper Rifle)
XP Reward 150 XP

Cache Money Treasure Hunt Location

cache money treasure hunt location

You will find this treasure hunt in the Madrugada region. Then find Aguas Lindas in the Madrugada, near the Nogal River.

Just click on the purple diamond to reach the treasure hunt location. Just compare the above image with the actual map in Far Cry 6, you will better know.

After reaching there you will notice that it is a military base, for further information read that note at the Cache Money treasure hunt location.

Cache Money Treasure Hunt Guide or Walkthrough

When you reach the treasure hunt location first thing to do is start the treasure hunt by reading the note. It is on the pillar of the room, just follow the purple diamond and interact with it.

Read the note carefully because it has also some information to solve this treasure hunt. It will suggest finding a bunker.

We have to begin the treasure hunt by finding bunker 2, It is basically before the building where we stand right now. Just move on.

You will find a bunker with the number 2 at the top of the bunker. After you reach bunker 2, maybe there is a soldier, just shoot them.

If you notice that bunker 2 is closed, break it with a blast. But there is a condition, it will be closed if you blast there.

Go on the building’s roof through a ladder. There are controllers of the bunker, find a yellowish switch then push it to open bunker 2.

first switch in cache money

Fire in the bunker when it is half open that will blast the bunker itself and the hatch will open because of the explosion. The hatch is located above the bunker.

hatch of bunker 2

Now go down and go to the hatch that opens through the explosion. Get into the bunker via hatch. You will find many boxes there.

There is another hatch in bunker 2 with orange color. Go down with that hatch.

Caution: Take a ladder while stepping down because a direct jump can damage yourself.

The ladder will lead you to basement storage that is protected by a fence. While you get in then go forward take left then straight.

locked room in bunker 2

You will see a room without door, enter this room. On your left side, you will see a fence door that is locked, Shoot the lock to enter.

Get into that room, You will see there are lots of files and monuments. Search for the office key that is in the cupboard where files are arranged.

Collect the key and go out from this room, now find the office where our treasure hunt is located. You will see an office that is locked when you back from the previous room.

The mystery office has bedroom in it, we have to go there but the bedroom is locked first we have to find the switch to open it.

When you enter this room via key card, you will notice that there is no one and the TV is playing alone. Just go to that table where the TV is located.

second switch in bunker 2

Now stand in front of the TV you will find a yellowish switch under the table like the previous one while opening the shutter of bunker 2.

When you press it the bedroom door will open. Go to the bedroom and you will find a big crate lying on the table, it is your reward.

You have successfully completed this treasure hunt, collect your reward. Now it’s time to know more about our reward.

Sobek Special as Treasure Hunt Reward

cache monery reward

Treasure hunts give you special rewards, you can’t find normally while playing the game. Complete mission to get that type of reward.

You can see that the treasure hunt gives you a 3 star rated sniper rifle. It also gives you XPs that you can use while purchasing other things.

You will get 150 XP by completing this treasure hunt. The sniper rifle will helps you while shooting in wide range, it will give huge damage to enemy.

If you are facing any issues while completing this tressure hunt, just let us know in the comment section. We will get back to you with solution.

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