Anno 1800 Cheats [Tips And Tricks Working 2023]

Anno 1800 cheats

Are you tired of finding Anno 1800 cheats? If yes then you are now at your final destination. Read this article to get codes and cheats for Anno 1800.

Have any idea about Anno 1800? If not, here you will get a clear view. The real-time strategy video game Anno 1800 is set in the 19th century at the start of the industrial revolution and focuses on creating cities.

It is the seventh edition of the Anno series. It has a narrative campaign that covers four chapters and centers on a family-run corporation where the death of the patriarch starts a power struggle.

Creating a brand-new planet in Anno 1800 will teach you about new societies, countries, and technologies.

Similar to earlier games in the series, the goal of this one is to establish a number of islands, provide for an increasingly large and demanding population, and eventually extend to nearby cities.

Additionally, it contains a multiplayer mode that supports up to four players and a sandbox mode. Below you will see a clear view of the tips, strategies, and ways to get money in the Anno 1800: 

Anno 1800 Cheats

Below are the ways to get your empire off the ground:

One of the most key aspects of Anno 1800 cheats is planning the layout of your city. You can use a blueprint mode to know everything in the building. You can choose as per your wish whether it may be a low on money. Then you need to monitor your happiness. 

You need to establish emergency services as soon as possible in the game. In addition, you can settle on a second island early in your game plan. Then you try to bolster your defenses and also beautify your community. In the final, you need to customize your settings.

  • Change Oil
  • Change Steel Beams 
  • Change Cash
  • Change Influence
  • Unlimited Ship Health
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Perfect Diplomacy
  • Instant Ship Production
  • Perfect Expedition Morale
  • Edit Ship Inventory
  • Change Timber
  • Change Bricks
  • Change Windows
  • Super Ship Speed
  • SuperSpeed
  • Edit Harbor
  • Escape: Close Postcard View
  • NUMPAD1: Instant Ship Protection
  • NUMPAD2: Unlimited ship Health
  • NUMPAD3: Expedition Morale
  • NUMPAD4: Change window
  • NUMPAD5: Super Ship Speed
  • NUMPAD6: Super Speed
  • NUMPAD7: Edit Ship Inventory
  • NUMPAD8: Edit Harbor

The trainer will undoubtedly provide you with all the other trainers for an Anno 1800 cheats, plus something additional.

It is a paid option that reduces the structure of your pocket to allow money to flow into cheat happens coffers. So, whether you want to spend money or not depends entirely on how you view the risks and rewards.

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Anno 1800 Tips And Strategies

Here are some tips and tricks about the game that you can use in the game to increase the gameplay experience. Let us know if you know more tips about the game.

Utilize trade to extend and balance your economy

You can exchange goods and resources through your trading station or by creating specific trade routes. You probably won’t have to consider trading all that much in the early stages of Anno 1800. But trading becomes increasingly significant as you acquire more islands and rise through the population tiers.

You can set up a charter route to have an AI-controlled ship transport products between two specified locations if you don’t have your ships and do not want to micromanage trade routes.

They have fewer options than trade routes and are less expensive to maintain, but they can be helpful if you need to set up a trading route quickly without dedicating one of your ships to it.

Do not neglect your navy

Due to the fact that developing cities make up the majority of your actions in Anno 1800, it is simple to think of it as a city-building game. It is an RTS with conquest, diplomacy, and naval battle themes. None of these appears to be particularly significant early.

However, as the battle for resources and islands rises in the game’s middle to end, they become more important.

Constantly check the diplomacy screen to see who loves and dislikes you. It is a good idea to do if you can make your opponents feel good with kind words and the occasional bribe.

You should then begin preparing for conflict as soon as possible while minimizing the chance of finding yourself on the defensive. 

As soon as your economy can support it, begin constructing gunboats and frigates and designate a protection flotilla to travel with any clippers and schooners engaged in trade. The waters are constantly monitored by pirates looking for easy prey, even if you are not at war with anyone.

How to gain money in Anno 1800? 

To earn a lot of money in Anno 1800 codes, you can build ships and try to sell them. It is a fairly profitable business from a certain point in the game.

You can add a large number of residential houses for your benefit. In addition, you can develop a social group and sell the surplus of selected goods there. Once you are done, you can settle on new Islands. And you can complete your missions by earning money.

FAQs About Anno 1800

How I can sell goods in Anno 1800?

You must first choose your trading post before selecting the items you wish to buy or sell to enable that. Three different arrows show three alternatives: If two arrows are on each side, it signifies that you can buy up to a particular point and that anything above that point will be sold.

How do I open the console in Anno 1800?

There is a shortcut key to open the console in Anno 1800. If you have a desktop pc then just press the Shift + F1 key. If you are using a laptop then press Shift + Function Key(Fn) + F1.

How do I raise income in Anno 1800?

Every game offers you a simple task to complete and also gives you in-game currency. The Anno 1800 game also offers its player XP and coins for completing the quests in the game.

Is Anno 1800 free on PC?

Yes, it is a completely free-to-play game on your PC, You can download it from the internet and launch it with freshness.

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Wrapping Up

You may get more strategies and tricks in playing a game. But when it comes to Anno 1800, you need to know about the trade, how to see the goods, and more.

You need to learn some cheat ideas to succeed in your game plan. The above listed tricks and strategies to succeed in the Anno 1800. 

Happy Gaming!

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