A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt – Far Cry 6

a rising tide treasure hunt in far cry 6

We’ve completed many treasure hunts and grab rewards and many more to come. In this article, you’ll find A Rising Tide treasure hunt guide and complete detail.

Every treasure hunt has a reward for you, this treasure hunt will also reward you with a special item that you can use in the game.

It is a simple and one-room treasure hunt, yes you will complete it within a second just need a hint and guides then it will all of you.

First, we have to find the treasure hunt location after that we will see the complete walkthrough of it. Let’s start with the location of it.

A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Location

a rising tide treasure hunt location

Amm, there are lots of ways to reach the treasure hunt but we will choose the safest one. If you are aware of the Far Cry 6 map then it will be easier.

You can see the image of the map above, If you can’t find it through the map image then here is the complete location of the treasure hunt in the table.

Treasure Hunt Name A Rising Tide
Region El Este
Sub-Region Sierra Perdida
Prize Camo Quinceanera (Rifle)
XP 150 XP

Go to the southern coast of the region of Sierra Perdida. You will see a purple diamond there just go there.

In order to start this treasure hunt, interact with the note at the purple diamond. By reading that note in the mailbox, the treasure will start.

You just have to perform some steps to access the village stash room, where your reward is waiting for you. Now move to those steps.

A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Guide or Walkthrough

So if I’m not wrong you successfully reach the treasure hunt location right? Let’s start our process to grab the reward quickly.

By entering the house you will see a puzzle to solve to access the village stash room. You just have to perform that in the correct order.

You will notice that there are five switches, each switch has its name from a legendary guerilla fighter. Press one by one but in the correct way.

Now the problem is what’s the correct order to perform it. Don’t worry we have the solution for it. Just read the whole article.

There are five switches in that room, follow the correct order given below. Let’s see one by one. The whole puzzle is hidden around the house with the boat’s name.

El Tigre Del Mar

Find the slogan “El Tigre Del Mar”, It is a boat name outside this house. You will find it near the porch when you are out of this house.

You will see that there is a switch named “El Tigre Del Mar” in the house, press this first. Now move to the second clue.

Papi Chulo

second switch

Papi Chulo is our second boat that will be found on the west side from the starting point. There is a tiny hut near this boat and it is in the water.

This switch is second to press in the house, find the switch that is written by “Papi Chulo”. When you press it bulb will start.

El Lucky

third switch

Our third clue is the third boat we will discover in this treasure hunt. It will be found on the roof of a turquoise house, which is located at the eastern entrance of the Yarabi.

Now press our third switch in that house, same as first two you have to find the switch that named by El Lucky.


fourth switch

Like the previous boat, it is also located on the roof. You will find this on a house roof in the western entrance of Yarabi.

It is our fourth switch that we have to press. Look for the Clarita near the switch and press it you will notice the movement by pressing it.

Roja Victoria

fifth switch

Our final and last clue boat is the “Roja Victoria”, You will find this boat behind this house where all switches are located. It is in the water.

Just look for this name near the switch “Roja Victoria”, After you spot the switch simply press it. Now your puzzle is solved.

Advice: You don’t need to find every boat because we already described it in the correct way here is the list of switches in the correct order just find them and press them one by one.

  1. El Tigre Del Mar
  2. Papi Chulo
  3. El Lucky
  4. Clarita
  5. Roja Victoria

Tip: If you push the wrong switches then you can reset or restart the puzzle by pressing the button in the village stash room.

So you got the switch combination just follow it one by one and you’ll be able to access the reward room.

After pressing all the switches, open the village stash room. When you entered this room you’ll see a crate in front of you. It is your award.

A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Rewards

a rising tide treasure hunt reward

I’m grateful that you are able to complete this treasure hunt by reading this article. When you entered the stash room you got your reward.

You got the 150 Guerrilla XP and Camo Quinceanera (Rifle). The Camo Quinceanera is a very powerful rifle that you can use in Far Cry 6.

This rifle is the best gift for a young Yaran lady’s Quinceanera. You are very excellent because you solved this puzzle and got your reward.

Thank me later, if you are facing any issues with completing A Rising Tide treasure hunt then let me know in the comment section. We will resolve this for you.

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